American Idol Five Finalists Perform for America (Review & Videos)

American Idol Five Finalists Perform for America (Review & Videos)
American Idol is down to the final five performers of the season tonight. They have been given a short list of songs, as voted upon by you, America, and they will be singing songs from that list during this episode.

Ryan Seascrest, the host of American Idle, began the show by asking the finalists who their celebrity “crushes” were. That was sort of interesting…then, Ryan said “The finish line is in site,” and he introduced the five finalists and brought them up on stage with him. After that, Ryan introduced the three judges, as usual, Keith Urban, Jenifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Junior.

Ryan said that having the fans select the songs that the competitors will be performing “is an Idol first.” The performers will chose two songs each from the list to perform. Jason Mraz is a commentator/mentor tonight.

The first song that Alex will be singing is “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood. Alex says he’s “nervous about this week” as it’s down to the final five .Alex does a FANTASTIC job with this song, and he has the audience clapping their hands right from the start. J-Lo is getting into the song, bobbing her head as alex signs. What a great way to start the night, and it was cool he got to talk to Jason, who is one of his idols.

Keith: ‘I’d like to see the vocals a bit more soaring. Good job, Alex!”

J-Lo: ‘I can see why America chose this song for you. I wish you had pushed it a bit more, and made it a bit more exciting. Al of those things are going to matter.”

Harry: “You know, Alex, you sound similar to Jesse Rutherford from The Neighbourhood. I thought it was a strong opening to the show. Great job!”

Though Alex did a great job, the judges were ambivalent about his performance, apprently wanting a bit more from him. When American Idol returns after the first commercial break of the evening, we’ll see how the other four competitors do with the song choices you chose for them, America!

“Our theme is America’s Requests!” says Ryan, when American Idol is back on. Caleb speaks with Jsaon Mraz, and we hear that the first song America has requested for Caleb to sing is “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith.

Caleb does an AMAZING job invoking his Inner Steve Tyler with this song. It’s more of a ballad and a bit slower than many of the rock songs he’s sang this season, but he NAILS it, and shows he can sustain notes for an uber long time, as he has with other songs.

J-Lo: “That was a challenging song for you, wasn’t it? You took it more into a ballad. There was no way you could match what Steven Tyler does, but you made it your own. I got goosies!”

Harry: “For me, personally, I wouldn’t look down the barrel of the camera so much at the start of the song. It may have taken away a bit from the connection.”

Keith: “That was a great song for you. For me, you have an incredible range and incredible ability, but you must let your feelings drive your skill. Don’t put your skill in front.”

Ryan asked if Caleb would have picked that song for himself; he answered he might not have, just because it’s one sung fairly often on American Idol and shows like it. He did a really nice job with it, though. We’ll see how the other three performers do after another commercial break.

The third performer on tonight’s episode of American Idol was the trio of Sam Woolf and Jena Irene and Alex Preston, singing “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors. They were incredible! Jena opened up the song, then Sam walked down the aisle singing, and finally, Alex added his voice to the mix. They harmonized really well together.

Ryan said that Jessica Meuse will be singing “an emotional” song that was picked by you, America, right after the next commercial break on American Idol!

The song that Jessica Meuse will be singing is “Human” by Christina Perry. Jason said that Jessica was “country cool.” Jessica said the song is about her, really, someone who gets both “built up, and torn down.” Jason taught her different ways to hold the guitar as she sings.

Jessica is such a talented singer! She sings with a ton of emotion, and she sounds a lot like Christina Perry with this rendition. she showed she can really hit the high notes, and sustain them a crazy long time. The audience cheered and applauded her.

Harry: “The coolest thing about all of the things you said to Jason was you didn’t know how many things went into performing. It’s obvious you really listen and want to get better – it wasn’t my favorite performance, but you did great.”

Keith: “My favorite part of the song was about there-quarters of the way in, when your voice started to break a bit, and show you were human.”

J-Lo: “It’s all about what comes from inside of you. You got lost in what you were saying, and felt, and it was a great dramatic moment that took the song to a whole ‘nother level. I bet you felt the best about the song in that moment. When that happens, it’s like magic.”

Ryan said that when American Idol comes back, Sam Woolf will be taking on and doing his version of “Sing,” by Eddie Sheeran. A viewer asked Sam what the hardest part of being by himself was like, and he said being away from his friends, family, and his dog. Ariana Grande came on stage and gave him a big hug! It looked like it surprised him, and made him blush.

Sam said “it was cool to be able to work with Jason.” He added that “the most important thing was to get into the song and feel the groove and get funky for America.’

Sam sang the song with a lot of energy, and play the CRAP out of his guitar! He had Keith dancing along in his chair — he kicked royal butt!

Keith: “when Ariana came out, you went the most red I’ve seen you get! It’s a tough song, but you did the best you could do with it.

J-Lo: “that’s the most comfortable I’ve seen you get on stage! Sam, you’re were more funky, and that was actually good!”

Harry: “If you are going to get funky, and deal with funk, you need to be in the groove and in the pocket. But it was cool to see you do something different.” Ryan said that “there will be a lot more on American Idol when we come back!”

Four of the five performers have sung their first song, so it will be Jena Irene’s turn to perform next, before the competitors sing the second song that America has chosen for them.

“Jena, she sparkles, like a toothpaste commercial!” Jason says about her. “Keep those eyes open, it’s awesome.” Jason told her to sing more from the heart, and be upbeat.

Jena will be singing “My Body” by Young the Giant. She has an AMAZING, POWERFUL voice! The audience swayed their arms over their heads energetically, and Jena OWNED this song! She had the audience in the palms of her hands and she looked very natural up on the stage.

J-Lo: “Jena, you sounded really good, you made it your own! You have a signature phrase, even — ‘Okay, let’s go!’ That’s what people will come back fro, believe it or not, those little funny thigns.’

Harry: “I think you’ll be surprised how much the little things will come back and help you. You moved more than the other performers — I think that’s HUGE! I like watching you have fun, and do the other stuff — it felt like a performance!’

Keith: ‘You lean into the audience as you sing — I like that about you.”

Jena says she’d thought about doing that song earlier in the season, but then thought it might be “too bare.”

Caleb and Jessica were up next, singing “Beast of Burden” by The Rolling Stones. It’s a great Stones song, and the duo did a TERRIFIC job singing it. They looked each other in the eyes as they sang. Keith really was getting into the song, and smiling as they sang. How cool was that?

Keith: “I thought they KILLED it! I thought it was really cool!”

Ariana Grande is back with Ryan after the break on American Idol. Ryan said that her song, “Problems,” has gone to #1 in 50 different countries.

Alex will be singing “Say Something” by Great Big World for his second song. He is INCREDIBLE! Alex does an AMAZING job with this song, KILLING it! It’s a great song choice for him.

Keith stood up and gave him a standing ovation, as did the entire audience.

Harry: “That’s one of the things I like to see, a performer struggling with the emotions of a song and not giving into it. You do that so well! for me, that was the performance so far of the night.”

Keith: “You should thank everyone in America who gave you that song — it was amazing!”

J-Lo: “It was a beautiful performance.”

Jena will be singing next on American Idol, Ryan says, right after another commercial break.

Ryan said Jena will be singing “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse. Jena does fantastic with whatever she sings, and this time was no different, though the music and clapping sounded kind of not in sync at the start of the song. The audience really dug how she sang — Ryan said we’ll hear what the judges say right after yet another commercial break on American Idol.

Keith: ‘Jena, I love that song — your vocals are a killer. You really suit that song.”

J-Lo:”The arrangement was really not you — the song, yes –” The audience roundly booed her.

Harry: “I thought it was great — not your best or your worst. What do you want to go by, eventually? Jena Ascuitto or Jena Irene?

Jena: “Probably just ‘Jena.'”

Sam will be singing “How to Save a Life” by the Fray. He accompanied himself on the guitar, and he gave yet another very cool performance. It’s a fairly mellow song. The audience clapped along right from the very beginning as he sang it.

J-Lo: “It was a little bit shaky at the beginning, but you have a really sweet voice.”

Harry: “There are still some dynamic issues. It wasn’t peddle to the meddle the whole time, though.”

Keith: “You just hit a new place with that song.”

Jessica will be singing “Summertime Sadness.” Jessica was in a hot-looking red dress a she sang. She packed a lot of emotion into her rendition of it, and the audience clapped along as she sang.

Harry: “That’s such a perfect song for you. For the millions of people who love that song, I bet they’ll want to download your version of it.”

Keith: “It was such a good song choice, a David Lynch mysticism about it.”

J-Lo: “It left me a tiny bit cold.”

When American Idol comes back from another commercial break, Caleb Johnson will be singing his second song of the evening. He will be singing the last song of tonight’s episode, “Still of the Night” by Whitesnake. It’s a great song choice for him, and Caleb ROCKED IT OUT! Keith and J-Lo were dancing in their seats. Caleb has such a perfect voice for Rock! Then, both Keith and J-Lo stood up, and were rocking out to the song!The audience gave him a THUNDEROUS ovation.

Keith: “I love it when you do tender ballads like that! You brought down the house!”

J-Lo: ‘I love the way the band plays with you! It was sickening — it was CRAZY!”

Harry: “When Cole Porter wrote ‘Still of the Night,’ I never thought it would sound like that.”

Ryan said that we’ll learn the results on tomorrow night’s show, and also he added that Keith Urban will be performing then. It should be a great episode, though it will be just a half-hour long. Tonight’s episode was definitely one of the best, if not the best, one so far of Season 13 on American Idol. There were so many excellent performances! Who will America vote to stay, and who will they vote to go? Please leave your comments below, America, and say what you liked about this episode, or hated, and who you think will be voted off this week on American Idol!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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