American Idol Results Show: The Super Six Become Sensational Five (Review)

American Idol Results Show: The Super Six Become the Sensational Five (Review)
On American Idol tonight, the Super Six performers left will become the Sensational Five.  One of the remaining competitors won’t be moving on to next week’s show. Tonight marks the end of the road for the performer who received the lowest amount of votes from you, America. Who will be moving on and continuing their dreams to become the next American Idol, and who will be going home? Read on, to find out!

Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, began this half-hour Results episode by introducing the remaining Super Six performers and also the three judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. Ryan was holding the grumpy cat from last night’s episode, and he said that “Tonight, the cat won’t be the only one who’s grumpy, as one of the American Idols will be going home.”

We saw the American Idols left at Caleb’s house, were his mom had prepared them a meal and cake in honor of Caleb’s 23rd birthday. The artists talked about last night’s performances, and had some fun visiting at Caleb’s house.

When American Idol comes back from its first break of the evening, Ryan said that he would announce the first results of the show. Caleb and Jena are probably safe bets to be moving on; but, beyond them, anything can happen, and any of the Super Six could have received the fewest amount of votes.

Back from break, Ryan showed the performers driving in a car and listening to comments from their parents. Jena’s mom revealed that she is “actually a natural blonde.” At their destination, her parents were there, wearign blonde wigs,

Caleb, Sam, and C.J. were the first three called up onto the stage. Randy said the “Caleb is definitely Rock ‘n’ Roll.” He went on to say that “Caleb won the night, Sam was good, and C.J. could be a target.”

Ryan then said “Let’s look at the screen and see who the first person is who will be staying with us one more night.”

Sam’s face was on the big screen American Idol has been using to reveal the performers who will be staying and going. The second person who was shown was Caleb, meaning that C.J. is in the Bottom Two, and in danger of being eliminated from the competition. After another commercial break, we’ll get to hear further results from Ryan.

Back from break, Jena, Alex, and Jessica were the next competitors to hear their fates. Randy thought that Jena continued to be amazing, and that Alex had a good, solid night. He added that “Jessica and Alex could be in a little bit of trouble tonight.”

Ryan showed Jena’s face up on the screen first. Then, he said “The person sailing on to next week is — let’s see the face — Alex!”

Jessica will be joining C.J. in the Bottom Two, and Ryan stated that they will both hear about who will be going home right after the next commercial break.

C.j. and Jessica have both given America many entertaining moments as we’ve listened to them sing and learned more about their lives this season. It will be difficult to see either one of them going, but one of them, sadly, won’t be returning next week to sing.

“In just moments, one of these two will be leaving the competition,” Ryan said, after the break.

Ryan then asked Harry if he thought that “these were the right Bottom Two,” and Harry said it would be difficult to see anyone go, but he added that someone will be going home every week now.

Then, Ryan announced that C.J. Harris will be the person going home. He showed a tape of “all of the special moments” of C.J. from this past season, including favorable comments from the judges.

Ryan called C.J. a “class act.” Then, we heard C.J. singing his farewell song, an excellent version of “Can’t You See.” Though C.J. is a country singer, he’s done very well with songs like this one and “American Woman,” which he sang last night.

That concluded another Results episode of American Idol. The competition is getting more fierce as the season approaches its end, which is coming up in May.

Please let America and the rest of the world know about your opinions, below! Did you agree with how America voted this week, choosing to send C.J. home; or, do you feel that someone else should have been voted off of American Idol tonight?


Written by: Douglas Cobb

3 Responses to "American Idol Results Show: The Super Six Become Sensational Five (Review)"

  1. george   May 7, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    Jessica should win. She is such a great singer and a artist.

  2. Jeanie Simon   April 27, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    I think Alex should win the whole thing, he knows how to sing and write music

  3. Frank   April 25, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    Yes, America, got it right. CJ hasn’t been singing that well the last few weeks. Although Jessica is getting quite boring!

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