Android Launches Official IFTTT App

AndroidIf you are an Android user with a lot on your plate, then a virtual bottle of internet glue may be just what you need. Android has recently launched the Official IFTTT application. This innovative app allows the user to personalize the flow of their online automation. Using “recipes” IFTTT (which stands for If This, Then That) makes it easy to specify exactly what you want to receive notifications about. By plugging in various channels, like Instagram or Facebook, and then telling the app what should trigger an action, the user can further customize their internet experience. Impressively, this app can do previously unheard of tasks.

For example, if Wolf Blitzer wants to keep his wife informed, he can have IFTTT send her a pre-written email any time he misses her calls. If Lady Gaga wants to know when her friends tag her on Facebook, IFTTT will send her a text message. If Justin Bieber is afraid of the dark, he can have his lights turned on when he is close to his house. There are 98 channels from which to choose. Recipes can be created using one or two channels.

If “this” (trigger) happens, then “that” (action) should happen. Pretty nifty idea. One visit to their blog gives users a chance to see how others are using the app. The possibilities seem endless. IFTTT is practically a virtual assistant. Now that Android is launching the Official IFTTT app, even more people will get to benefit from this unique application’s abilities. Particularly since Apple is not necessarily the controlling market it once was for applications.

In Asia, Android phones are beginning to dominate over the iPhone. In 2013, as the Google Play store expanded, Apple’s app revenue slipped. In South Korea and Japan, Google Play was clearly the preferred application market. With South Korea, Japan and China as the three highest growth markets globally, this was a real boon for Android. Not to mention Spain, where Android’s market share was 90 percent in 2013.

So, it really does make good sense for app developers to widen their scope and give Android a chance. Which brings us back to IFTTT. With the launch, the application is now offering even more recipe ideas. A personal recipe is a Trigger and an Action combination from any active Channels. This means, for instance, that Instagram can communicate with Dropbox. As well as having your own personal recipes, the IFTTT community provides access to shared recipe templates. This helps users realize even more ways of employing the application.

The idea of providing users with internet glue is innovative and much needed. With so many news feeds, social sites, ways to share photos and applications that provide everything from coupons to weather reports, IFTTT is on the cutting edge of extrapolating what is pertinent to the user and bringing data together in an organized fashion. With the launch of the Official IFTTT app, Android too is proving to be just as innovative and useful as its’ competitors.

by Stacy Lamy





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