Anna Kendrick Is Pitch Perfect

Anna KendrickEveryone is talking about Anna Kendrick and her musical performances on last nights Saturday Night Live (SNL) which critics are calling pitch perfect. This delightful actress/songbird  is certainly a perfect fit for late night entertainment and everything she touches seems to turn to gold. Fans and critics alike are raving about last nights Saturday Night Live performance, from her wonderful renditions of Disney songs, to a spoof on her own hit song Cups this Pitch Perfect star is going nowhere but up. This talented young lady got her start in musical theater, and it is apparent in every thing she does. She has said that her father started taking her to Broadway musicals when she was young and that is when her infatuation with theater began. Doing live TV like last nights SNL gig, makes it obvious that a stage is just where this talented singer and actress should be. She is definitely in her element and even found time to sent out several clever tweets before and after last nights show.

She has an upcoming musical Into the Woods which is an interpretation piece on  the classic Cinderella, as well as the making of Pitch Perfect 2 which has a release date of May 15, 2015 and will again include Rebel Wilson, Brittney Snow, and is directed by Elizabeth Banks once again. The return of the Barden Bella’s is highly anticipated by fans of the first movie, and anyone who is following the actress which most certainly includes some new fans after her stellar performances on such late night shows like SNL. The first Pitch Perfect movies unlikely clique of mean and nice girls alike, captivated audiences with their perfectly harmonious voices, and Anna Kendrick was cast perfectly for the role of ‘Beca’. This movie is a delightful blend of music and comedy and the fans will most certainly flock to the sequel. It leaves one to wonder what the sequel will be like, will they still be in college or will ‘Beca’ and the rest of the cast of Pitch Perfect 2 take their followers to a new place.

Kendrick became a household name after her role as Natalie Keener in 2009’s Up in the Air which earned her an Academy Award and a nomination for best supporting actress among other prestigious awards. She won an MTV breakout performance award in a musical which is a nod from her dedicated fan base. From there her list of achievements just keeps getting longer, such as appearing in a Broadway musical that got her nominated for a Tony Award, to her role as Jessica in the Twilight series. A very impressive list of credentials from someone who is just 28 years old.  So although we are all talking about her impressive appearance last night on SNL, Anna Kendrick is so much more than just a Pitch Perfect host for late night TV, she is destined for much more, and her fans are loving every minute of it, and tagging along for the ride.


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