‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ to Stay on FXX Through 2017

always sunnyIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia just signed a new deal with FX to keep the gang from Paddy’s Pub wreaking havoc and making terrible decisions till 2017. McElhenny, Day and Howerton signed what is said to be an over $50 million deal, which renews the series for two more years, securing their 11th and 12th for FX Networks’ longest running show. It’s Always Sunning in Philadelphia, a live action comedy series, will be the longest running such show in cable history and is set to stay on FXX through 2017.

Last year at the Television Critics Association, the crew said that they could put on 10 more seasons of the show and felt they were delivering their best work yet. The series was scaled back to only 10 episodes per season, which to fans was a negative, but the creators said it gives them the opportunity to put out stronger episodes and deliver fresher material. The show has always used current events to drive the topics of each episode, and the small order gives them the opportunity to cram more laughs into every week.

The 10th season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will not air in the fall, like the previous nine seasons, instead FXX will air the 10th season in January of 2015, and the rest of the seasons are expected to follow a similar release schedule. After successfully moving to the new sister-network, FXX, Sunny was renewed through 2015, giving it a run of 10 seasons. After their ninth season became one of their strongest, and helped to launch FXX, the network decided to lock down the gang. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the flagship program on FXX, and now that it is set to stay through 2017, it seems the network is ready to give the world to its young, talented creators.

The new deal is not just for Sunny either. FXX is anting up on the crew and giving them deals for new shows as well. Howerton, Day and McElhenney also signed a deal for a new untitled show they created that will star Tracey Morgan. The show has already been given 10 episodes without ever showing a pilot or script. Howerton has a show of his own, written with Sunny alumni, Scott Marder, called Harder. Charlie Day, arguably the most popular of the three, has also received a show deal as a producer for We’re Good, Thanks, which was co-written by and set to star, Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Day’s wife in real life) and Artemis Pebdani, who plays Artemis on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; it is assumed Charlie Day should have some sort of acting role on the show as well.

The future is bright for the crew of Paddy’s Pub. They have one of the highest rated comedy shows on cable, they bring in tons of revenue through DVD’s and digital downloads and they are the masters of the FX comedy universe. From their humble beginnings of shooting their pilot episode on a home video camera, to their current renewal, there seems no stopping Howerton, Day and McElhenney. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will air its 12th season in 2017, staying on FXX, which will make it the second longest running live action comedy series ever through this new deal, much to the pleasure of fans and cast alike.

Commentary by Chris Dragicevich

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