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Apple is a brand that is always at the cornerstone of technology, and has a reputation for quality. This company has either set the trend or re-invented it. In this case, Apple has been lagging behind in the production of the iWatch. There have been rumors surrounding this device since early 2012. Concepts of the iWatch are manifesting, all the while Samsung is releasing their second watch. The patience that Apple has taken with their current design can be seen as a gift and a curse.

Waiting to release the iWatch is doing two important things for the Apple product. The long wait for this device is creating anticipation, and that strategy is one that Apple has had much success with. Often times it is a year and a half gap in between new devices. The iWatch is no different. Furthermore, the key advantage for waiting to release their version of the smartwatch is free market testing. It is always beneficial to see what one’s competitors are doing to understand three things, what works, what does not, and how to make it better. The only downside to taking such a long time is the possibility of losing customer interest. The number one complaint consumers have with Apple is how long they take to release a product. However, there is a saying that declares you can’t rush quality.

Quality is precisely what Apple intends to bring with the concepts on the rise for the new iWatch. There is rumored to be multiple price points to accommodate their various designs for the bands and faces. It reportedly has a flexible AMOLED LG display in two sizes 1.3 and 1.5. However, there is also word that the recent deal with GT Advanced could give way to a sapphire crystal display. Rumors of a curved display screen were rumbling also, but the president of Corning has since dispelled them. There is one thing for sure the iWatch will be fashionable. According to, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook you must first convince people it is so incredible they want to wear it. This company has spared no expense in their effort to provide a watch that supersedes current standards. A key indicator that they are intending to market this as a fashionable piece is their acquisition of Paul Deneve. Deneve is the former CEO of the premier French luxury line Yves Saint Laurent. Having an individual on the staff that is a fashion guru can insure that the iWatch will have a look like none other.

Looks are not everything when it comes to Apple, how it functions is of up most importance. The iWatch is believed to have the iOS 8 operating system. It will function like an iPhone on the wrist.

Possible Key iWatch Features: iOS 8 Operating System; Biometrics and Health Sensors; Receive incoming calls; Make outgoing calls; Identify the caller; Check map coordinates; Wireless Charging; NFC Chip; and Siri.

Will this fashion forward, health-conscious smartwatch be enough to sway the market in their direction? Well, with all the competition on the market one cannot be so sure. However, there are major differences in this watch that will make it stand out in the smartwatch market. Biometrics sensors will defiantly be the major variance between the iWatch and Samsung Watch. Although, Samsung is already on the market iWatch stands to contest their growth. According to, the KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the iWatch is slated for a fourth quarter release in 2014.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker


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