Apple iWatch Still No Release Date


As many tech fanatics drool over the newest wearable accessories for their smart phones, Apple still has not released any news on the much-anticipated iWatch. Rumors about the newest piece of Apple gear, however, are spreading like wildfire. Just weeks after Google announced its plans for Android Wear, a wearable accessory for their incredibly popular smartphone operating system, ears remain perked in anticipation of tech monarch, Apple, to release plans for its own wearable, Facetime compatible, piece of fashion technology.

“They only have 60 days left to either come up with something or they will disappear,” Global Equities Research managing director, Trip Chowdhry, was quoted saying in a story by CNBC.

Whether or not Apple will disappear in a couple of months if not having released an iWatch is not much of a debate, but experts insist that they must enter into the game if they expect to keep an innovative edge in that growing corner of the market. In the last year we have seen multiple tech companies jumping on board the smart watch train including the Pebble, which is compatible with both Mac iOS and Google’s Android devices. Also released were products from Nike (the FuelBand) and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

Still, the world awaits the wow factor that is frequently associated with Apple’s game changing products.

In February, the Telegraph reported that unnamed insiders were cited as saying that a team at Mac headquarters was assembled to work on the new watch design and that the project was “beyond the experimentation phase,” but these are still unconfirmed speculations.

The rumor mill churns daily with conjecture of the features the iWatch will have if or when it is released. It will obviously cover the general iOS features of MP3 player and daily organizer, along with expected features of on-wrist Twitter and Facebook, call screening, Facetime and texting all while your device remains secure in your pocket or purse via Bluetooth.

MacRumors, one of the leading investigators into all things Apple, expects the watch to be compatible as a home automation system controlling wireless lighting systems and thermostats. Mac has also recently acquired Michael O’Reilly, M.D., who was previously the Chief Medical Officer at Masimo Corporation, presumably to work on the iWatch, leading experts to believe that the new watch will contain biometric sensors, monitoring body systems and sleep cycles.

While Apple has been known for filing patents that will never see the light of day, a patent filed in Feb. 2013 exposed a wrap around or slap bracelet type of design that can only lead the imagination to a futuristic wrist-worn display. Other specs being rumored are a 100mAh battery with a four to five-day lifespan and wireless charging capabilities, and a 1.5” retina display with a full iOS.

Estimated prices for Mac’s new piece of bling range anywhere from $400-$800, and release dates continue to estimate a late year release (every year since its first rumor in 2012).

Whatever they are working on over at Apple it is sure to be something out of Dick Tracy or Star Trek and going to leave all of the MacFans in a very, very long line and with a significantly lightened bank account. When the iWatch will be released, however, remains to be the mystery.

By Cody Long

The Telegraph
US Patent Office

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