Ariana Grande Teaser Hits Twitter

ariana grandeAriana Grande fans have been stalking Twitter for days now, counting down with her to the release of her single Problem, and today she rewarded their loyalty by releasing a voice bite from the single as a teaser. With Problem now available for pre-order the pop diva is throwing out just a bit of the lyric’s, as she says the video has not been shot yet. The first teaser was a video of her playing the song to a dance class, and though there was no sound, the fans delighted in the response of the lucky dance troop. The singer is coming off the high of meeting her childhood crush, Jim Carrey, and it seems she wants to spread the happiness. She definitely knows how to grab the attention of her fans with tweets like, ‘hmmm’ and ‘should I post a teaser now?’ The responses are overwhelming, and completely affirmative that they want a piece of Problem, and they want it now. Grande has been taking Twitter by storm these few last days, and her countdown has her fans on the edge of their seats. With only 6 more days until the full release of the single, she is keeping her fans interested by this little teaser that was posted on Twitter and Instagram today. It is a very short clip, with just a few notes and lyrics that let it be known that the vibe behind the title is, ‘one less problem without ya’ which is the last line that is sung on the clip. The beat is rocking and so is her voice, if  listening to the fans response is any indication. ariana grande Grande performed at the White House Easter egg roll to 30,000 fans, and looked fantastic in a over-sized purple sweater and go-go boots. (right) This is where she met face to face, the man who she crushed on as a child, Jim Carrey.  Even at the ripe old age of 20, you can still be embarrassed by your Mom. Apparently she told Carrey that her daughters first screen name started out with JimCarreyFan. Even though that might have been a bit embarrassing, she still states that meeting him was the best part of her day. She also tweeted that he was nice and courteous and she was speechless. Even the rich and famous get tongue-tied around the Hollywood elite. Lucky fans however, were rewarded by Ariana Grande, with the little voice clip that she released, as a teaser, that just makes you want to hear more. This young lady seems to have mastered the art of marketing on social media. Her fan base is so loyal that they actually had her countdown to the release of Problem, trending worldwide for two days. During her gig at the White House she signed autographs and took selfies with fans. This personal interaction is not seen everyday in the world of pop stars, and it is obvious by her many followers that they not only appreciate it, they love it. Now that this teaser from her single has hit Twitter, the social media site is sure to expect an influx of comments directed to the adorable Ariana Grande. The next 6 days will have her fans glued to social media, if only to see what she comes up with next. The rave reviews are already pouring in for this little sound bite, so this will be hard to top. Opinion by Kristi Cereska @KCsBookshelf Sources: Mail on line Twitter – Ariana Grande

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