Ukraine Prime Minister Is Fed Up With Russian Federation


Three people were killed this weekend on the outskirts of the eastern Ukraine City of Slovyansk. This news was a huge blow to those who had hopes that the agreement signed in Geneva the week before by representatives of the European Union, the United States, Russia and the Ukraine would calm down the tensions in the region. The main provision of the agreement was that pro-Russian militia, who had taken over government buildings in at least ten cities in eastern Ukraine , would vacate these buildings and the roadblocks that were put up would be taken down. It was at one of these roadblocks that three men aligned with a pro-Russian group were killed. After this incident , Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk , appeared on the American news program Meet the Press and spoke about how he was fed up with the actions and words of the Russian Federation.

Prime Minister Yatsenyuk  did not mince words with MTP’s host David Gregory. He stated that the violence was triggered by the Russian federation and also said Moscow was supporting them. He went so far as to call the militia that was occupying the government buildings in Kiev, “Russian security forces” and stated that they were made up of former KGB agents. His anger was intense and some would say that it was about time.

There has not been much done on the offensive side on the part of the Ukraine. Last week the Ukrainian military came out with a brief show of force, rolling tanks eastward to show the Ukrainians in the occupied East they have not been forgotten. Such an effort ended in demoralized Ukrainian soldiers abandoning their tanks and some even gave the firing pins of their rifles to rebel forces. There is video of Ukrainian tanks being driven by Russian forces doing donuts in the streets. This most surely did not sit well with the Prime Minister and government in Kiev.  No one would have been surprised if the Prime Minister said he was fed up with the moral and support of the Russian Federation for the pro-Russian militia.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk also made it clear that he was not pleased when the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin went on his annual question-and-answer show and used the words “New Russia” to Yatsenyuk. This seemed to be a manifestation of Putin’s desire to restore the Soviet Union, which Yatsenyuk said would be the “biggest mistake of the 21st Century”.

No love is lost between these two individuals. Putin repeatedly refers to the government in Kiev as being fascist.  Russia signed an agreement, along with the United States, and Great Britain. However when Russia annexed Crimea they violated that agreement. So it comes as no surprise that Yatsenyuk has no trouble in retorting that Russia is the biggest threat to the globe, not to mention, the European Union and the Ukraine.

Prime Minister  Yatsenyuk seemed to be the upset when he was asked about alleged papers passed out to Jews in Ukraine demanding that they register. He called the people who handed out the bulletins “bastards.” He stressed that he had sent out an urgent order for his own Department of Homeland Security and the Ukrainian military to find the perpetrators and make sure they were brought to justice. It was clear that the Ukrainian Prime Minister was fed up with the tactics of the Russian Federation, whom he clearly saw as emboldening the pro-Russian forces that have taken over half of his proud country.

By Daryl McElveen






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