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Ariana GrandeEveryone is talking about Ariana Grande trending worldwide for her new single Problem. The hash tag #11daysuntilproblem is flying high and fans are going crazy. She has popped up on Twitter trends for the last two days, and she announced her new single on social media. She then started the hash tag on Twitter as she was so excited, she did not want to wait one more day to start the countdown from ten. The pop diva has been teasing fans by first revealing the name of her new single, Problem, on Twitter. However #problem did not go nearly as viral and her countdown. She then put a video up on Instagram without sound, of her playing the new song for a dance class. Based on the excitement and dancing the group is exhibiting in the video, the song is going to be an upbeat dance hit.

Ariana Grande

The five foot songstress is multi-talented, as she not only sings but writes music and acts also. Her album Yours Truly which was released in 2013 went double platinum, and debuted on Billboards top 200 in the number one spot. She has been acting since 2010, and most recently she stared in Nickelodeon’s, Sam and Cat. This comedy ran from 2010 through 2013. Born and raised in Florida, and just 20 years old, she will be 21 in June, she is setting out to make her mark in the music industry. The way fans are flocking to Ariana Grande on Twitter, and how this new single is already trending world-wide, she is doing a good job, and is well on her way. No one has even heard the new song, but she has drummed up so much hype about it, her fans are already on board, and this should assure her yet another hit song. She does state that the countdown officially starts tomorrow and her people are working on some “old school” posters that will be going up daily on Twitter for the ten-day countdown until the singles release.

No tour is scheduled yet, however with the buzz about Problem going crazy on social media, the fans will most likely be screaming for concert dates. Grande is certainly a product of the technology age, she even asks fans for help on picking a cover for her single by posting the two pictures on Instagram,  and asking for input. Surely she has no lack of input from her loyal fan base, however the cover reveal does not seem to be coming until the songs release. She seems to be one of the more hands on musicians when it comes to interacting with her public on the internet. It seems this interaction is really working for her, so much so, that when you hear that Ariana Grande is trending world-wide it comes as no surprise to anyone in her camp. So it is eleven days until the release of Problem and already the anticipation is at warp speed. Many think that she can add budding entrepreneur and exceptional business woman to her resume, the girl knows how to market herself.

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  1. Guest   April 16, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    I completely agree with this article, and can’t wait for the whole Album, including “Problem” & “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” I also like the whole build up before the release.

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