Barbara Walters Retires From The View

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters is going to retire from The View. She is 84 years old and has announced that the 16th of May will be her final television appearance on that show. She had announced a year ago that she would retire this year and now the time has come.

Barbara Walters started The View in 1997 and as a tribute to her television career and life, ABC has a special planned from 9-11 pm. She will continue on as an executive producer for the show.

Retirement from the show, she began almost twenty years ago, will include several ceremonies highlighting her career and in her honor, ABC News Headquarters will host a dedication in New York City around May 16th. Last year, Barbara Walters, announced her retirement and she is curious to find out if she can do something besides TV.

Monday Barbara Walters waved to Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd stating her love of hosting with the two of them. She added that she has immense love for Whoopi Goldberg combined with admiration. She is sad but adds, this time is the right time. She loves her show and what they have accomplished, but knows the show goes on with or without her. The TV audience gave her a standing ovation to which she responded, “I haven’t gone yet!”

Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive of The Walt Disney Company said, “There are legends, there are icons and then there is Barbara Walters.”

Barbara WaltersBarbara Walters will retire after more than 50 years in journalism. She began her career in writing, graduating to a reporter for the Today show back in 1961. Barbara Walters became the first female co-host in 1974, then later went to ABC in 1976.

She’s an icon who made history in journalism excellence and many people remember her weekly 20/20 interviews or Top Ten Most Interesting People of the Year specials. If someone was important or newsworthy, you knew Barbara Walters was going to interview them. One could wonder what questions she would ask her guests as these interviews offered insight and entertainment for the viewer.

The View is 17 years old and Ms. Walters has approximately 30 shows left, if she participates in all of them. Monday she wore a beautiful soft, lilac suit with her standard blonde, well-styled hair. The walls were ensconced with large murals of pictures of her throughout the years. Her co-hosts were already beginning to discuss her departure and how they admire her.

The ABC News Headquarters building will be named after her as The Barbara Walters building. What an honor!

Barbara WaltersStay tuned as The View has a week long lineup of festivities planned in honor of Barbara Walters and her lengthy career as a news journalist and television talk show host. She has interviewed celebrities, heads of state, icons and news-makers from all over the world, as well as here in America. We will be reminded of her outstanding contributions and celebrate her 50 years in journalism come this May, as she retires May 16th.

By Kim Troike