Beckham Goes Gray



Has David Beckham gone gray? Photographs of the British football legend leaving a gym in Los Angeles revealed the fashion icon sporting a new gray bearded look. The former English National Football team captain is known for his fashion stance as much as he is known for his football skills. Beckham can turn anything, even going gray, into a fashion statement.

Image has become everything for the Beckhams, and David manages to win both on the football field and with the world’s fashion frenzies. After his marriage to Posh Spice, now Victoria Beckham, the former Real Madrid midfielder transformed from frumpy to fashion’s style icon, with Victoria taking all the credit, of course.

First, goes the big mistake, when in 1998 Beckham was spotted wearing a black and grey sarong as he went on an outing with his wife in the South of France. David, being a part of the macho sport of football (soccer), was ridiculed by his fans. British lads and football fanatics thought he might be going a bit soft in a hard sport, as they taunted “you must be having a laugh, mate. You’re wearing a skirt, man.”

The Beckhams were least bothered about the fuss, as David went on just days later to join his national team in the FIFA World Cup finals, where he was red-carded and sent off the pitch against their sporting nemesis, Argentina. He made up for that after being part of Manchester United’s  treble (FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League win) in the 98-99 football season.

Becks and Vicks were snapped wearing Gucci to Versace (a big no! no! to those who actually know) at Donatella Versace’s shindig on Bond Street, London, in 1999. Beckham and Victoria were photographed wearing matching leather attire to the event, which ended up on the front pages of the London Tabloid press, and chatted about among passengers traversing on the London Underground.

While David continued to give his fans good football, Victoria urged him to give even better fashion and throughout the years he has delivered. In 2000 Beckham shaved off his locks which finally inspired the “those who actually know” of London’s fashion circuit to take notice. Shaved headed Beckham landed a fashion spread and cover of the inner circle’s men’s fashion bible Arena Homme Plus, shot by Steven Klein. That same year Becks also sported a doo-rag, and later he went on the football field with plaited corn rows, for a friendly in South Africa, which highlights the Essex Lad’s affinity for Afro-American style and cred.

It can be argued that it was the Arena Homme Plus fashion story, along with being a footballing pro, and Victoria’s secret encouragements, which made Beckham one of the most sought after football player for high fashion editorial and endorsements. Beckham has been on the cover of every main high fashion print ranging from GQ,  Arena, The Face (now defunct), 10,  Vogue, W., and has also been present at every major show weeks across the globe, with Victoria of course.

We’ve seen him street in loose fitted jeans and sneakers, GQed in Tom Ford and Armani suits, and athletic on the streets of Los Angeles where he exercised his athleticism for the LA Galaxy team. David Beckham has been named most stylish man of the year on numerous occasions, including German GQ’s most stylish man of the year award in 2013.

David Beckham is a major highlight to both fashion and football by way of his style of dress, hair and footballing skills. The locks of David Beckham has been bottle bleached, doo-ragged, corn rowed, shaven bald, and near shoulder length and now it goes gray. Beckham going gray is a spite of nature that he will unintentionally turn into a trend, somehow. The Beckhams have used fashion just the way fashion has used them. David has launched various men’s fragrances and has entered into a deal with H&M to retail his own line of underwear. His wife Victoria is an acclaimed fashion designer.

Commentary by Humphrey Bennett

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