Bernard Hopkins Is Far From Retirement

Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins may have a career older than most baby face boxers in the sport, but is far from retirement.  His experience has proven its worth, especially after his recent title fight victory. Hopkins has not only unified the IBA and IBF light heavyweight championships, but the WBA Super Light Heavyweight championship as well. The timeless fighter was able to accomplish the feat at a record setting 49-years-old. While amazing as this achievement is, this is actually the third time Hopkins broke the record.

After defeating Jean Pascal in 2011 in a prize fight, the then 46-year-old broke George Foreman’s record for oldest boxer to win a championship. Hopkins broke the record again in 2013 after defeating Tavoris Cloud for the IBF Light Heavyweight championship. This would count as the third time the record has been reached by the ageless boxer, and in dramatic fashion no less.

With a bout that ended in split decision, Hopkins was able to defeat Beibut Shumenov in a world championship unification match to break the record for an unprecedented third time. While this is an astonishing performance by the boxer, it may be pale in comparison to what Hopkins is eyeing next; to become undisputed champion by the end of 2015. At this stage of life, most are planning their golden years. Hopkins however, is planning more title fights with Golden Boy Promotions and the WBO.

WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson is set to defend his championship against Andrzej Fonfara next month. The winner of the bout will most likely be next in line to face Hopkins in a unification title match. Rapidly approaching 50, the ageless boxer has his eyes not set on retirement, but capturing more championships. If Hopkins continues his pace, he would put himself in position to become the best in the light-heavyweight class, regardless of his age. As the self-proclaimed boxer of old school, Hopkins proudly displays his experience and traditional fighting style in the ring. Retirement is not on Bernard Hopkins mind; he is just focused on the next challenger.

With a career spanning over two and a half decades, the Philly born fighter had reigns of domination as well as setbacks and defeats. While another 25 years may not be in the agenda for Hopkins (don’t count that out), the timeless fighter has spoken about a special bout with undefeated champion Floyd Mayweather. Although both are in entirely different weight class, Hopkins expressed his interest, stating he would be willing to drop down a class if Mayweather would go up one,  meeting in the middleweight class.

While a Hopkins-Mayweather match would not rival a Pacquio-Mayweather pay-per-view bout, the fight could be a considerable draw by name recognition alone, and the contrasting fighting styles would make for an entertaining fight as well. Right now however, Hopkins has his mind and eternal hands set on Adonis Stevenson and on collecting additional championships to his growing collection. Bernard Hopkins is looking far ahead into his career and does not see retirement anytime soon.

Commentary by Hector Carrion

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