Kiev Government Crackdown on Pro-Russians


The coup-appointed President Oleksandr Turchynov has announced a total crackdown on pro-Russian influences in eastern Ukraine. Kiev plans on asserting its authority through force in a military operation across the eastern portion of the nation in order to remove any remnants of Russian influence after the successful cessation of Crimea. The mission is considered an anti-terror operation with the goal of protecting Ukrainian citizens.

Low flying jets over cities in conflict are being used as a fear tactic against “terrorists” to accept the rule of Kiev as the head of government in Ukraine. These fighter jets are not alone in their flybys. Accompanied with attack helicopters, the impressive sound of these powerful aircraft are a reminder to the rest of eastern Ukraine that the military is strong and ready to intervene if the crisis is not swiftly and peacefully ended. Though only one jet has been identified as an airshow MiG-29 thanks to the plane’s obvious color scheme, some are joking that the jets used in the airshows are the entirety of the Ukrainian air force.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denounced the actions calling the coup appointed government in Kiev “nuts” for using military equipment against their own people. Though the military is staging more of an occupational presence to deter any threats of the east joining Crimea in leaving Ukraine, Putin is harshly denouncing the actions stating that Kiev needs to open up avenues of communication before a violent crackdown. He has also spoken out against NATO’s handling of the situation.

United States officials have endorsed the Kiev government’s decision to use a show of force against its own people. The Obama administration has once again shown how one person’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. The decision to go against the people of Ukraine coincides with the White House’s continual policy of stopping protests against allies. At the same time blaming the governments of middle eastern nations for oppression when the people fighting in places such as Syria are in fact Al-Qaeda.  The unrest in the area is being magnified as ships on both sides of the issue are prepped in the Mediterranean Sea. Though it is probable that no shots will be fired between the two major nations, the world is slowly awakening to their situation and deciding their own future without western help.

While the government in Kiev announced the crackdown against pro-Russian protesters, the operation is avoiding direct violence by using simple intimidation tactics against the people. Numerous soldiers and armored vehicles sit and wait in and around the major cities hosting the protests. The eastern portion of Ukraine is risking a civil war while the recently Russian Crimea has plans to integrate a district for gambling purposes in order to help the region overcome the financial strain they are facing. Though the plan is in its early stages, it does show the power of a people who feel comfortable in their own land under a government that they selected. The Kiev government will not have such luck after the situation simmers as deals with the International Monetary Fund have proven to be heavily damaging to those who agree to their terms.

By Andy Diaz

Russia Today

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