Bieber’s Ugly Sweater Could Land Him in Jail

bieberWho knew Bieber’s bad fashion sense would one day land him in jail? It turns out the ugly sweater that he wore while egging his neighbor’s Calabasas home is the tell-tale sign that he was in fact a participant. Apparently you can get arrested for wearing an ugly sweater.

Law enforcement told TMZ that Bieber was wearing the same sweater in one of his Instagram photos posted the day after the egging as worn by one of the eggers in the surveillance video obtained by police. The hat he was wearing appears to be a match as well. Who eggs a house with a surveillance system anyways? How smart is that? Beiber’s neighbour claims that the alleged egging was done by Bieber and his friends causing roughly $20,000 in damage.

According to search warrant documents, apparently a white male wearing this outfit was seen coming from the direction of the house after the egging and high-fiving his friends. This was not a smart move! The surveillance was aired on KTTV Fox 11 Thursday night. So far, there have been no charges filed against Bieber.

The next question is, will this case be filed by the D.A. as a misdemeanor or a felony? If the damage is up around the $20,000 range and if most other vandalism at this level would be viewed as a felony, it is likely this will land the star in very hot water. The question remains, will the D.A. appreciate that eggs can cause that much damage on such a large, expensive home?

According to a site called Criminal Defense Lawyer, a felony charge of vandalism could mean Bieber would face more than a year in State Prison and significant fines. It would be surprising though, if the Biebs ugly sweater landed him in Jail at all. He is sure to hire the best lawyers in his defense, especially if it comes down to a felony charge.

The video obtained by TMZ shows Bieber yelling at the neighbor in the middle of the egging. He is heard screaming an obscenity and threatening to throw another egg. The video is actually too dark to see Bieber. The stupidity of the attack worsens as there are two eyewitness, the neighbor who openly despises Bieber and his 13-year-old daughter. The girl made a call to 911 which sources from TMZ say match the exact time that Bieber was shown on the video surveillance tape.

The case has been sent to the D.A. in L.A. County and cops are recommending felony charges for the attack. Lt. Dave Thompson informed TMZ that he filled the papers at the D.A. and wants it to be a felony charge. A Felony charge could land the singer in a lot of trouble.

If Bieber is in fact charged with a felony and if his ugly sweater really could land him in jail, this might wake him up to the fact that he is out of control and needs to rein in his wild side before he gets himself in a lot more trouble. Young men his age often make poor decisions regarding behavior for a time but when things really start to heat up with the law, they change their ways. Hopefully someone will talk some sense into Bieber soon and he will shape up. He seems like a genuinely good person, simply caught up in the stupidity of being young.

Opinion by: Nicole Drawc



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