Bill Clinton Says Alien Invasion Only Way to Unite World

ClintonPoliticians are known to say some kooky things from time to time, but nothing tops the out-of-this-world comment made by former President Bill Clinton, who says the only way to unite a divided world is through the threat of an alien invasion. Clinton sat down for a chat with Jimmy Kimmel, and at one point during the interview, the topic of discussion turned to the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Clinton said that one of the first things he did after being elected president was to have Area 51 investigated to make sure there were no aliens at the research facility in Nevada. The 50th anniversary of the Roswell sightings took place during Clinton’s presidency, and he also had documents pertaining to the case reviewed. Had the investigation turned up anything significant, Clinton says he would have told the American public.

When asked whether he believed aliens existed, he said yes, claiming that the sheer size of the universe and discovery of new planets leads him to believe humanity is not alone. The former president said he would not be surprised if the human race was visited by extraterrestrial beings at some point in history, but he hopes it ends up being nothing like the popular 1990s film, Independence Day, although, the threat of an alien invasion might be the only way to unite the world.

Yes, Bill Clinton really believes that the only way for the world to unite, to stop all of the bickering and war mongering, is for the safety of the planet to be threatened by an alien invasion. As kooky as this statement might seem, he may be on to something. His line of thinking is that something larger than humanity coming to attack and take over the world, will humble humans, removing much of the petty pride behind a lot of the world’s problems.

An economic principle comes into play in this theory as well, as silly as it seems. One of the central principles of trade in economics is that people entering into a trade or exchange have to feel that the benefits of the trade outweigh the cost. For example, if one child has an orange, but wants an apple, and another child has an apple, but wants an orange, the two should trade. The benefit of gaining an apple is greater than the cost of losing the orange, and so on. In the ridiculous example of an alien invasion, the trade of setting aside differences to join hands and work together far outweighs the cost of not doing so, which would mean extinction for the human race.

In all honesty, this type of scenario should not be necessary to “unite the world.” All that is really needed is a respect of individual rights. The basic principle is that individuals should not hurt each other or steal each other’s property. If those two simple rules were followed all around the world, there would be much less violence and war. If governments obeyed these rules there would be freedom for all and less death and destruction. Perhaps, as out in left field as it seems, Bill Clinton is right, and the world needs an alien invasion to not only unite, but to finally learn the value of freedom and natural rights.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

ABC News
Washington Times

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