Blizzard Entertainment Still Will Not Let Players Fly


A lot of hype is being generated around the upcoming expansion to the ever popular MMORPG, World of WarcraftWarlords of Draenor. A question on many players’ minds in the run up to the expansion’s release is with regards to whether Blizzard Entertainment, the company that created the game and curates it, would, as is tradition with each new expansion, still insist on removing the ability for players to fly freely around the world of Azeroth, Outland, and all the various regions therein from the game. The short answer is yes, they do plan on banning flight… yet again.

They introduced the feature in the first expansion of the game, The Burning Crusade, back in 2007, where, once a player hit the level cap, they would be able to buy the ability to ride brand new flying mounts and fly around Outland. Ever since then, Blizzard has continuously been coming up with convoluted reasons for players to suddenly not be able to use their flying mounts while exploring new content.

In Wrath of the Lich King, players would arrive on the shores of the new island to the north only to find that their beloved dragons, wyverns, and hippogryphs simply couldn’t get their feet off the ground! This was explained somewhat reasonably, as the flying creatures of Southern Azeroth or Outland wouldn’t be used to the frigid temperatures of Northrend air, and thus you must walk. But that makes the Horde’s arrival to the island by Zeppelin a little tricky to explain…

Then, in Cataclysm, suddenly players could fly on the two original continents of Azeroth! Still, flying training was required for some reason, but at least it was an option! A major reason for the expansion taking place in Azeroth as opposed to on some new, previously undiscovered continent or in another dimension, or something, was that Blizzard wanted to revamp the world so that using flying mounts anywhere was possible, when previously the code simply didn’t allow for it.

Next was Mists of Pandaria; just as players got used to flying around again and enjoying not having to walk everywhere or use flight points, Blizzard Entertainment came and took it away yet again, still with seemingly no explanation. The training you purchase to be able to fly in the new continent of Pandaria once you reach the new level cap of level 90 is called “Wisdom of the Four Winds,” so it can be concluded that, well, maybe it’s just really windy?

Now, with the upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor, the company intends to ban flight yet again. Still players will not be able to use their hard-earned flying mounts during the levelling process from level 90 to the new level cap of 100, and Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t seem phased by any backlash on the topic that they may have received over the course of the past several years. Working hard to raise the money and get to level cap so you can buy your flying training every single time an expansion is released is, to put it lightly, exhausting. Many players are put off by this, as well as the fact that Blizzard seems to be dumbing down their content or simply recycling old content instead of actually creating new stuff.

Opinion by Robin Syrenne


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