Blood Moon: A Rare Opportunity to Spend Time With the Kids

Blood MoonThe Blood Moon eclipse gives parents a rare opportunity to share an amazing experience with their kids. As parents, sharing special moments with one’s children fulfills in amazing ways. Truth is, however, not many parents will take this opportunity to spend time with their own children. Understandably, this fascinating astrological event takes place in a ridiculously inopportune time frame, the early morning hours between 12:55 am to 6:25 am with the most epic portion happening at 3:45 am EST.

As parents, school nights are critical rest hours for children to recover from a high pressure week. The idea of dragging kids out of bed to look up at the sky is unthinkable. But if you look at it as a learning opportunity, one can think of this rare phenomenon as a type of field trip experience. When children grow up they don’t remember particular classes or every day moments, but they do remember the special moments. Moments they will in turn share with their own kids, and in today’s busy society, special moments have become increasingly hard to come by.

Some can argue that eclipses happen every year, sometimes two a year, but consider that much of the world is out of view shot for many of those events. There are of course solar eclipses in partial, annular, hybrid, and full versions and lunar in penumbral, partial and umbral versions. These usually happen in random order, however the next four lunar eclipses will occur one after the other. So getting four umbral eclipses in a row is like winning the lottery four times in two years. April 15, 2014 will be the first of the four umbral eclipses that will occur in six month intervals over the next two years. This scientific collective is a tetrad, and this is it’s shining glory. However, to put into perspective how rare an opportunity to share the Blood Moon with kids is, this event was never seen in the lifetimes of Mozart, George Washington, Napoleon, and Abraham Lincoln. For over 300 years, such phenomenon did not take place.

Some may use this opportunity to teach a lesson from the Bible as the Blood Moon is a signal to the end of days. For many, the verse “… the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of The Lord” brings about what Christians believe will lead to salvation for believers. So many believe that opportunities to experience the teachings of the Bible are becoming rare. Opinions expressed that religious radicals might use this phenomenon to start cult-like trends all over the world are worrisome.

Some, however, will use this opportunity to introduce their children to the wonders of science. In a time where the priorities of science are being swept under the rug by the radically religious, the importance of science is critical in understanding our world. With changes to teaching methods in public institutions scientific opportunities have been heavily de-funded. Luckily when rare opportunities occur, the more people able to experience it the more likely it will inspire financing in public and private institutions. However, others will simply use this opportunity to snuggle under the stars with the most precious beings in their lives. The closer children get to adulthood the more likely this opportunities becomes more rare than an eclipse. The direct effect of being part of this opportunity is the wonders of holding your child in your arms, but the long-term effects cannot be calculated. As a parent, giving this opportunity to one’s children allows them an amazing moment they were never able to experience as children. And experiencing the rare Blood Moon phenomenon with parents gives kids a chance to spend time learning about the wonders of the universe.

Opinion by Kimberly Beller

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