Brooklyn Decker Wants Children


Actress Brooklyn Decker wants children, just not anytime soon. Baby fever might set in for Decker soon, especially now that she is working on the CBS sitcom, Friends with Better Lives. Costars Majandra Delfino and James Van Der Beek both have children. “Majandra had just had a baby when we started filming and she would have her daughter with her and was dealing with breastfeeding her son,” Decker said.

Decker married retired tennis pro Andy Roddick April 17, 2009. The couple tied the knot at his home in Austin, Texas. The What to Expect When You’re Expecting actress is not ready to give up their alone time just yet. “I love seeing Majandra with her daughter, but she would also get jealous any time I told her I was going home and having a wine date with my husband,” she said.

Decker might want children soon, but for now she is enjoying the success of her career. Before her breakout role in the feature film, Just Go with It, Decker was a fashion model. She is best known for her spreads in Sports Illustrated. Some of her other work includes features in Teen Vogue, Cosmo and Glamour. The actress is thankful to have put her swimsuit days behind her. “Acting is much more gratifying than modeling,” she said.

The Friends with Better Lives actress said she was not a good model. She often got fired from jobs, and she never walked a runway. “Sports Illustrated was really the only client that loved me,” Decker said. “I was just never any good at it, so, for me, acting just feels right.”

Before her marriage to Roddick, the actress admitted to feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. In 2011, she told Self magazine she struggled with an eating disorder. Her father staged an intervention to prevent the problem from worsening. “I was always with other aspiring models. There were bingers and purgers, and everyone watched each other eat,” she said. “It freaked me out. I did juice fasts and crazy diets and ended up gaining weight.”

After falling in love with her husband, Decker began to have a new appreciation for her body. “He’s taught me that it’s not how thin you are that matters,” the actress said. “It’s how your body performs, how it endures wear and tear.” The couple enjoy working out together. The model turned actress also enjoys solo activities such as kayaking, yoga and dancing. Fitness has become an important aspect in the 26-year-old’s life. “Seriously, I will drop to the floor and do a plank anywhere, anytime,” Decker said. “…Straight planks on my elbows or hands and then the all-important side planks and side plank crunches.”

Decker wants children of her own someday, but she is still enjoying the quality time she gets to spend with her husband. Her acting career is also taking off at a surprising rate. Currently, she plays Jules Talley in the sitcom, Friends with Better Lives. “I love kids. I definitely want kids,” the actress said. I just have to figure the timing of that.”

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