General Motors Chevy Investment at Detroit City

General Motors

General Motors Chevy investment at Detroit city, officially announced today that it will invest around $449 million in order to support and launch the coming generation of Chevrolet Volt as well as another two upcoming models that are still unspecified. The large amount of money that has been given as an investment simply confirms GM’s committeeman to the Chevrolet Volt. It also raises several speculations and questions about the mystery upcoming cars.

On Sunday, General Motors Chevy announced the amount of the great investment to be used for the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant, as well as for the Brownstown Township battery assembly facility. This kind of investment will definitely help the upcoming models and new designs of the Chevrolet Volt cars, as well as it will become the leader of the electrified propulsion for the next- generation.

The best two facilities that are responsible for producing such kinds of automobiles are Detroit-Hamtramck and Brownstown. GM and Chevy both work and produce the Chevrolet Volt with its foreign original cousins. The car manufacturer’s also produce the car’s luxury sibling, which is the Cadillac ELR. For Detroit-Hamtramck, the Chevrolet Volt and the Cadillac ELR are not its only products. It also produces the Chevrolet Impala car, as well as the Chevrolet Malibu.

Both facilities, Detroit-Hamtramck and Brownstown have many employees working for them. As reports and various sources indicate, that GM will try to add around 1,400 jobs at both facilities. There are almost 1,600 employees working for Detroit-Hamtramck for a single shift. As for Brownstown, it only has 100 workers at the moment working for it. GM simply indicates that it will be adding a second shift for both facilities in order to double the production capacity of each facility. Despite the obvious conclusion and final results of GM, adding another shift to both facilities is still under negotiations until today. Regardless of its significant, General Motors will keep this thought on hold in order to first check if the demand for the automobiles is strong enough.

The full amount of the great investment is not dedicated to only one part. Almost $384 million of the $449 million will go to the equipment, tooling, and Hamtramck’s plant upgrades. The other $65 million will be dedicated for the new upcoming generation of the lithium-ion battery production as well as for future battery systems. The future battery systems will most likely power the future Volts and some other electric models as well.

As it has been said, the next-generation of Volt will begin its production in the late of 2015 in order to introduce the new vehicles in the beginning of 2016. General Motors indicates that the next-generation Volt vehicles will be cheaper than the models that are in the market today. GM Chevy also indicates that the new-generation cars will also be featuring a more modest increase in all of its electric range.

The optimistic industry of General Motors Chevy’s investment at Detroit City has been going really wild. GM has many interesting ideas that will definitely amaze the market industry as well as the sellers. The prices that GM will be having for the new-generation cars will make a great impact on the industry.

By Georgina Abboud


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