Bryan Singer Accuser Adds Three More Names



Bryan Singer is a critically acclaimed film director of many blockbuster movies. However, that is not what he is currently known for. Michael Egan III has filed a lawsuit against Singer claiming the director sexually abused him. Singer and his lawyer have denied all allegations calling them defamatory. These recent charges have encouraged Singer to counter sue if necessary. Nevertheless, the threats of the Hollywood big wig did not frighten Egan. He is proceeding with the case, and he added three more names to it.

The 31 year-old Nevada actor has made some very strong claims against the four defendants. He filed additional lawsuits in Hawaii against Gary Wayne Goddard, David Alexander Neuman, and Garth R. Ancier. Egan and his lawyer Jeff Herman affirm that Singer and the three men were apart of a sordid sex ring. Allegedly they groomed underage aspiring actors and victimized them in the 90’s.

According to, Eden there was lavish parties in Los Angeles and Hawaii thrown by the aforementioned defendants to lure the young boys. He recounted that there were alcohol, drugs, gifts and sometimes violence if things went haywire. In the lawsuit against Wayne, Neuman, and Ancier Eden accused them of various offenses. He accused them of battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and invasion of privacy.

However, the details surrounding these alleged claims paint the suspects as sexual deviants. Eden claims that Ancier would often give him wine laced with drugs and forcibly sodomize him. He also declares that Goddard committed similar sexual acts on him, with the addition of mind-altering drugs and excessive groping.

The charges that have been filed against them have sent shockwaves through the entertainment community. Many cannot wrap their head around these accusations. Most question why Eden waited 15 years later to come forward. In his defense, his mother Bonnie Mound declares this is not about the money. In fact, Eden chose to come forward because he is under the care of a therapist and has found someone to protect him. Before now, he was allegedly threatened by the men to keep quiet. Mound recounted how she would send multiple letters to law enforcement and media, but it went nowhere.

It is their word that with the lawsuits filed against these men that they will never hurt another child. Eden spoke openly at the press conference Monday stating; “I wouldn’t wish it on any of my worst enemies, to go through what I went through as a child.”

Even with his passionate testimony no one has been formally charged with criminal charges. One of the reasons being is the statute of limitations for these charges have passed. However, the charges were filed is Hawaii to offset the current limitations of the law.

The men accused of these heinous crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Nonetheless, some of them still feel obliged to speak out and declare their innocence now. Neuman took to twitter to clear his name stating, “I just want everyone to know now that the disgusting allegations made against me are completely false.” He continued to point out that the allegations do not stretch the truth they are whole-cloth lies. Alan Grodin released a statement to Daily News in Gary Goddard’s defense saying the allegations have no merit. Grodin asserts that they will respond accordingly.

If all things go accordingly, every man will have their day in court, and this can be settled once and for all.


By: Schelett Rickenbacker



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