Bryan Singer Days of Sexual Past

Bryan Singer Days of Sexual Past
Bryan Singer is stepping back from doing the publicity trail for X-Men: Days of Future Past because of his own personal scandal which could be titled Days of Sexual Past. Allegations have been made against the 48 year-old director/producer that back in the late 1990’s he “drugged and raped” a, then, 17 year-old male model and actor. Singer was not alone in this sexual charge of misbehavior, three other Hollywood glitterati have been named as well.

The alleged offense took place in Hawaii according to the victim, 31 year-old Michael Egan III. The accuser says that it’s taken him this long to bring charges against Singer and the other three men who, according to Egan, raped and drugged him in Hawaii as “part of a sex and drug ring” in 1999 because he now feels safe to do so.. This “attack” was an apparent follow-on to another sexually abusive act that took place when Michael was 15 years-old.

In what Singer has described as a “sick and twisted shakedown” Egan has also charged Garth Ancier, the 56 year-old former Warner Bros chairman; 53 year-old David Neuman, a former Disney executive and 61 year-old Gary Goddard a producer. All four of those accused of the offenses have denied the charges and at least two of the men have declared that they were not in Hawaii at the time of the alleged crimes.

Bryan Singer’s attorney, and Gary Goddard’s, both have stated that neither of their clients were in the area so their crimes of sexual past days cannot be counted in this “shakedown,” as Singer calls it. The X-Men director, has called the accusations sick and 100 percent false and his other charge of the alleged offense being a “shakedown” looks like it could, indeed, be the case.

In Hawaii, the age of consent for sexual relations between two consenting parties is 16. Although there is a clause that allows 14 year-old children to have sex with another consenting individual that is less than five years older than he or she. A loophole does exist that says a 14 year-old can have sex with a 19 year-old if they are married.

Since Michael Egan III and his allegations deal with the offense taking place when he was 17, which is one whole year older than the legal age of consent, it appears that the charge of rape and being drugged has been “tacked on.” Quickly pointing out that the offense “appears to be tacked on” does not take away from the seriousness of Egan’s allegations. However, the age and the offense seems to be almost tailor made.

Charges by those on the periphery of pedaephilia do not apply in the state of Hawaii as, mentioned above, the legal age of consent is 16. Singer has pointed out the the timing of the charges are very suspect as they appear to be set up to conflict with the newest X-Men offering.

While this may, or may not be the case, this latest sex scandal involving a member of the Hollywood glitterati, is just another in what is starting to be a long list of sexual hijinks that are illegal. Bryan Singer, with his days of sexual past being dug up and deposited on his metaphorical doorstep, is just one more of the world’s famous who stand accused of a very emotionally responsive crime. Rape and the drugging of a teenager, still arouses revulsion in most and, in most cases, before the truth is known, the modern version of tarring and feathering takes place in the world’s media. Egan’s statement to Singer about not being able to have sex “with another child” has been made to garner the most negative publicity regardless of the truth. Watch this space for further developments.

By Michael Smith



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