California: 9 Dead and up to 50 Injured in Fiery Bus Crash

CaliforniaCalifornia travelers on I-5, near Orland were witness to a fiery 3-car collision which left 9 dead and up to 50 injured. The crash took place on a stretch of Interstate 5 which is slightly north of Sacramento. The two main vehicles involved in the accident were a FedEx truck, and a charter bus from Los Angeles full of prospective students. The Southern California tour bus was taking prospective students up to visit the campus of Humbolt State University.

The crash took place around 5:41 p.m. and according to those who saw the incident take place, the vehicles burst into flames shortly after colliding. Of the nine reported dead, two are confirmed to have been the operators of both the truck and the tour bus. The remaining casualties are though to have been from the passengers of the Southern California tour bus, however authorities have not officially determined whether they were students or adult passengers.

Current information is that 9 have been killed and up to 50 injured as a result of the crash on California’s I-5 near Orland. Humboldt State University, the destination of the tour bus, has released a statement communicating their condolences and assistance to the families of those killed and injured by the crash. The university stated that, “Parents and family members of students who were on the bus may contact University Police for more information or guidance at (707) 826-5555.

Glenn County dispatcher Pauline Spooner stated that, “the red cross has set up a shelter for those with minor injuries.” Others with more serious injuries were sent to surrounding Northern California hospitals for treatment.

According to a CHP dispatcher, the Southern California tour bus and the FedEx truck were on opposite sides of I-5. The truck reportedly crossed over a grass meridian and struck the tour bus. The vehicles were severely burned when they caught fire after the collision. Investigators think that the reason the truck crossed over the meridian was that it may have been attempting to avoid another passenger vehicle in its way.

At present, what is known is that the I-5 collision between the Southern California tour bus and a FedEx truck has resulted in 9 dead and possibly up to 50 injured. Some of the injured were taken to Enloe Medical Center in Chico, and others were taken to Mercy Medical Center in Redding. Many concerned families and friends are awaiting confirmation of who the remaining victims were along with corroboration of the identities of all the inured as well. California’s Humboldt State University, the CHP’s, and all who could, expressed their deep sadness at the events which transpired, and their condolences to the families affected.

By Daniel Worku

USA Today

Sf Gate

San Jose Mercury


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