‘Captain America 2’ Is the Ultimate Conservative Movie

Captain AmericaSo rare is it when a Hollywood blockbuster with substance hits theaters that it melts the brains of moviegoers, who typically go to see stuff blow up, not have smoke come out of their ears from a film that makes them think and challenges the status quo.  This is precisely the kind of shock that audiences received all over the world when they sat down in their seats, started stuffing their faces with popcorn, and began watching Captain America 2, which as it turns out, is the ultimate conservative movie. That statement in and of itself probably has the masses scratching their heads in wonder and amazement.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not another throw-away comic book movie about some do-gooder in a cape. It features an iconic superhero who is thrown into a world where freedom is slowly being taken away from the people under the disguise of safety. It is a world that is much like the one of modern-day America. In fact, it is a tale that directly parallels current world events and tackles issues that are at the heart of the fight for freedom in the United States. In order to understand what makes this one of the greatest conservative films of all time, one has to start by looking at the character of Captain America himself.

Captain America embodies all of the qualities and characteristics that has made the United States one of the greatest nations in the world. Steve Rogers is a man who was not made great by the might of his muscles, but by the content of his character. When Rogers was given the super soldier serum during World War II, he was physically weak, suffering from numerous ailments, and to put it lightly, was a small man in stature. Hardly the physical material from which a living legend would be created, but his heart was a different matter altogether. He was a man of deep principles and beliefs, hating bullies and evil, desiring to make the world a safer place. Rogers was a believer in freedom. The kid from Brooklyn was Captain America long before he put on the suit and thumped Nazis with his shield. The serum only brought his physical capabilities up to snuff with the content of his character.

The same principles that Captain America holds dear are the same ones that made America great during its founding and up through history. Military might is not what established the United States as a great nation. It was the principles of freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility. The military prowess and power served as an outward enhancement of what the country was like in its character. Unfortunately, that has changed dramatically over the years, and now it seems the United States is far more concerned with using the military as a tool for imperialism to persuade foreign countries to adopt policies that are favorable to its own interests. People should hold Captain America 2 as the ultimate conservative movie because it calls for a return to founding principles.

Aside from the noble character of Steve Rogers, the actual plot of Captain America: The Winter Soldier should also draw applause from the Tea Party crowd. One of the main themes of the film is that freedom is preferable to safety. The whole premise echoes the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, who said that a people who want safety and are willing to give up freedom to have it, deserve to possess neither. The bad guys in the movie, known as Hydra, have infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D., the U.S. government’s leading intelligence organization, and it is revealed that they have been using interventionist foreign policy to create threats that would convince people to willingly trade freedom for safety, enabling them to control the world.

Hydra has achieved these ends through a spying program similar to the one employed by the National Security Agency, the existence of which came to light thanks to Edward Snowden. Hydra is collecting personal information and data in order to create a kill list filled with individuals they have decided are a “threat.” They intend to wipe these people out without a trial, for the “greater good” of the world. As anyone can see, the plot was ripped right out of current news headlines.

The American government, while obviously not infiltrated by Hydra or Nazis, has been taken over by Progressives who wish to accomplish those same goals by violating the Fourth Amendment, all in the name of security. The government even has a kill list of individuals it alleges have participated in terrorist activity, that they want to eliminate with drone strikes without a trial. Some of the people on the list are Americans. This is scary because the government is reserving the right to define what an act of “terrorism” consists of. As Captain America so eloquently said in the film, this is fear, not freedom. The punishment should come after the crime.

Captain America goes on to expose S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra by leaking the information onto the Internet, Edward Snowden style. He goes on to completely dismantle the organization and continues to fight for freedom. This is a message that all liberty-loving individuals should be able to get behind. It is exciting to see Hollywood, known for its constant Progressive agenda, to finally create a piece of art that calls that same agenda into question. Captain America 2 clearly supports freedom and liberty, a message that should be hailed by conservatives across the nation, and is the reason why it should, without a doubt, be considered the ultimate conservative movie.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell
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