‘Captain America’ Sequel Officially Becomes a Must-see

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Captain America sequel has officially become a must-see after turning into top-selling April in Fandango’s 14 years of existence and crossing the $100 million mark overseas. Experts say that The Winter Soldier could easily obtain the title of top April opening of all time and exceed Fast Five’s record of $86.2 million. Marvel and Disney are also using Captain America: The Winter Soldier to kick off the box-office summer season one month earlier, a date which has not been occupied by any other movie. Looking at the massive success of the sequel which opens today and its possibility of having the largest box-office opening weekend for 2014, both Marvel and Disney have decided to stick to a May 6, 2016 release date of the third installment, even though Warner Bros. has also called dibs on the day for its untitled Superman-Batman movie.

Captain America sequel opens today in the United States, but it has officially become a must-see after commanding 82 percent of Fandango’s advanced weekend ticket sales, which already puts it ahead of Thor: The Dark World, that brought in $85.7 million opening weekend November 2013. Estimates believe that The Winter Soldier could earn between $90-$97 million this weekend, so grossing over Universal’s 2011 Fast Five’s $86.2 million is more than likely.

Recipe for Success

Dave Karger, Chief Correspondent of Fandango told Business Insider that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is already acting like a summer hit, financially speaking thanks to the fact that it represents “the closest thing that we’re going to get to an Avengers film all year.” Fans know that, even though Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1, 2014, the movie opening today in the United States is the only motion picture that can satisfy their taste for Avengers.

Another reason why Captain America sequel has officially become a must-see is Scarlett Johansson’s role as the Black Widow, which tells the story of a rather secretive character.

“Scarlett is a huge factor in the early success of this film,” Karger told Business Insider.

Johansson’s fanbase and bigger part in the movie has caused fans to be even more interested in the movie which opens today in China and the United States and made its debut Thursday in Australia and Russia. The early opening overseas has already brought Captain America: The Winter Soldier $75.2 million last weekend from 32 markets and exceeded the $100 million mark on Wednesday. The movie received stellar reviews, especially since it differs from the first motion picture; the original one was a period piece, while The Winter Soldier is set in the modern-day.

Fans should also expect to see Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier character more often, because he has a nine-picture contract with Marvel Studios, which means three more than Chris Evans, who impersonates Captain America. Winter Soldier continues the story of Avengers and places the action two years after the latter’s plot; the nation’s Captain along with Black Widow discover a secret conspiracy within S.H.I.E.L.D. and join forces with The Falcon to stop it. The Winter Soldier is the movie’s villain, played by Romanian actor Sebastian Stan.

Captain America sequel has officially become a must-see after taking over the advanced weekend ticket sales of Fandango. The movie with stellar reviews could earn between $90-$97 million this weekend domestically and has already won over $100 million internationally.

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