Carousel App Allows Dropbox Users to Share and Store Media on the Cloud

Carousel App Allows Dropbox Users to Share and Store Media on the Cloud

With its new Carousel app, Dropbox is trying to do what Mailbox has done for Apple; that is, create storage on the cloud so that users can have a photo and video-sharing platform. Carousel will enable Android and other mobile users to easily store, share, and otherwise access their digital photos and videos. The Carousel application can be found at the last link, below.

The Carousel app will let Android and other users store as many photos and videos as allowed by whatever plan the particular user has with Dropbox. The Carousel app will allow them access their media through any device, such as iOS, Android, or mobile, where it’s stored on the cloud.

The media will be stored according to the event depicted, like “Jon’s Birthday,” “Christmas 2013,” “Summer Vacation 2001,” or “Homecoming Reunion 2006.” The app automatically backs up the media that’s stored, and users can scroll through their media galleries by date to easily access and share whatever video or photo they desire.

What’s more, the carousel app will allow users to share media like videos and photos without having to use email attachments, which have storage limitations. According to Mailbox founder and Dropbox exec Gentry Underwood, Carousel users can also send the media to people who do not, themselves, have a Dropbox account.

Reportedly, Dropbox is claiming that with the Carousel app, the ability to access photo galleries is even faster than the native media storage apps that come with mobile photo galleries.

Dropbox currently has 275 million users. The Carousel app could make their services even more in demand than ever before, and it might allow Dropbox to compete against social media giants such as Yahoo, Google, and Facebook.

Being able to exploit the possibilities of cloud storage the best can, potentially, propel a company to the forefront and brand them as a technological leader. If your company is the main one that consumers want to use to store their data, these consumers will become repeat users and will keep coming back over time to access their videos and photos.

Will the Carousel app allow Dropbox to “own the users”?

Benjamin Woo, the managing director of Neuralytix, has stated that Dropbox is being smart in offering “more data saving and sharing.” In a statement that Woo made to the E-Commerce Times, he said that whatever “company that stores the data owns the user.”

With the Carousel app, Dropbox has seemingly done this — they have hit on a method that allows users to store their media data and also distribute it to whoever they want whenever they want. Dropbox has also make the Carousel app easy to use, which is vital to insure that users will have a good experience with it and want to continue using the app to organize, store, and share their media with others.

Using the Carousel app will allow consumers to no longer be confined to the storage space available on their mobile devices. With it, users will be able to store their treasured photos and videos on the cloud, freeing up valuable memory on their smartphones and other devices. The Carousel app lets users have their own private galleries, whose size is only limited by the type of Dropbox plan that a consumer happens to have. With the Carousel app, you can send hundreds of photos in the same amount of time that it would take to send a simple text.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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