Celebrating the 20 Year Anniversary of Final Fantasy VI [Video]

Final Fantasy VI (North America Final Fantasy III)

On April 4 1994 Squaresoft (which also went by simply Square sometimes) released what many will still call their favorite game in the series, Final Fantasy VI. For those in North America, it was first released here on the Super Nintendo as Final Fantasy III and not on until October 20.  To help celebrate the 20 year anniversary we have complied a number of scenes, songs, and discussion about the one and only Final Fantasy VI

As Square continued making games in the Final Fantasy series they would implement new ideas and try to make the games individualistic. Final Fantasy I created the series, Final Fantasy II changed the leveling mechanics, Final Fantasy III introduced jobs, Final Fantasy IV implemented a huge story and Final Fantasy V brought back the job systems in a big way. Final Fantasy VI made use of all elements that came before it: it had a unique system for learning new magic, an engrossing story, and individualistic characters that took turns being the protagonist. The game excelled in so many ways that fans still clamor back to it.

When it came to the characters everybody had a specific class with benefits only to them. This was played up in the story, creating a cohesive world that felt real. This also meant that each character would perform specific actions in battle that no one else could, this made multiplayer a suitable and fun option for playing through the game with a friend. Once the player progressed in the story they could customize each character with which Espers they equipped and influence what spells each character would learn.

We are not the only people celebrating the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VI. Here is youtuber HappyConsoleGamer talking about how he felt about it.

The music for Final Fantasy VI is now considered legendary. Nobuo Uematsu is the composer that worked on the original soundtrack. The variance of the tracks along with the skill exhibited as been replicated and redone in many different ways. For example, Kefka’s song “Dancing Mad” is more nearly 18 minutes in length. The original score came on three separate compact discs and has continued to inspire today.

For fans of turn based RPG genre, or simply amazing stories in games, Final Fantasy VI is a must play. Not too long ago, Final Fantasy VI was released for android and iOS however, the graphics are a bit too soft for most. Luckily, many smart phones can get emulators to play the original or at lease the Game Boy Advance release of the game.

After 20 years many fans still carry with them amazing memories and moments from this epic title Feel free to post and share some of your favorite moments. To send you off, here is a ridiculous video of Sabin using Suplex to lift and destroy the infamous Phantom Train.

And for the really dedicated fans looking for a serious nostalgia trip, here is a video demonstrating a huge display of attacks.

Opinion By Garrett Jutte

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