Chelsea Bounces Back


Tuesday’s championship match proved to be a test of credibility for Chelsea FC. Initially, the hope of winning the game was not in any way visible for the Blues. The result obtained from their last week’s outing presented a slim chance for a bounce back for Chelsea. The unavailability of potential strikers from the point of view of Coach Mourinho himself initially formed a clear picture of an anticipated catastrophe.

However, these predictive determinants were in no way relevant during the course of the game. PSG was obviously at the top with two goals ahead. They seemed to be poised in maintaining the winning streak obtained in the first leg.  This presented the match as a challenge duel to Chelsea.  At the commencement of the match, Blanc who was up and doing, could be seen roaming about the touchline. Few minutes into the first half, the course of the game began to move in favor of the Blues who were at home. Hazard’s 16th minute injury should have been devastating blow on the home team; however this was in no way counted as a hitch as the West London team were tirelessly not resting on their oars. They combined skills, tactics, physical strength and stability in anticipating meaningful results.  Jose Mourinho should be applauded not only for a tremendous quarter final win but for an accurate predictive declaration of winning the game.

Chelsea’s midfield could be termed ‘feeble’ at the absence of both Matic and Ramires, but thanks to an unprecedented supporting force from the duo of David Luiz and John Terry bridged the gap. The hope of a bounce back for Chelsea beamed at the 32nd minute when Hazard’s replacement, Schurrle netted the ball.  This feat was achieved from the combined efforts of Ivanovic’s long throw and David’s soft heading that set the ball on an accurate perspective on goal. The struggle from both sides continued till the whistle was heard indicating end of first half.

Judging from their latest performance, confidence seemed to be setting in for the West London players through purposeful team work.  The earlier minutes of the second half were blessed with a couple of balls hitting the bar at the 52nd and 54th minute from Schurrle’s shot and Oscar’s free kick respectively.  At the 65th minute, a substitution was made on the Mourinho’s side with Demba Ba coming in for Frank Lampard.

At this point, desperation and eagerness to make goals were obvious for the Blues. Long balls were seen flying in the air with strikers scampering for them below. Torres comes in at the 81st minutes to substitute Oscar. Unexpectedly and to everyone’s amazement, Demba Ba placed the ball into the net at the 87th minute. At last things had turned around, shoutings and roarings could be heard everywhere as it seems as though the whole of Stamford Bridge is on rampage.

Extra four minutes were added but this could do no good for the visiting side. Chelsea bounces back as they turn their defeat to victory on a 3-3 aggregate win over PSG.

Commentary by Obed Uche

The Guardian

Hindustan Times




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