Chloe Crawford: Interview with Andre’ Haynes

Chloe Crawford: Interview with Andre’ Haynes
The Guardian Liberty Voice is pleased to present another interview from Andre’ Haynes where he talks to the beautiful and impressively talented Chloe Crawford. This incredible lady has stopped for a chat with Andre’ to talk about career, personal goals, targets that she’s reached and also passes on any tips she feels could help others in their career.

Andre’ Haynes, the founder of Endeavor Media Group interviews Chloe Crawford about her Endeavors:

Showgirls date back to the late 1800’s in Parisian music halls and cabarets such as the Moulin Rouge, Le Lido, and the Folies Bergère. A touch of “gay Paree” came to Las Vegas back in 1952 where these dancers opened, and closed, each headlining act in the casinos. 1957 saw the introduction of the “topless” showgirl at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino which began a long running tradition in the city’s other nightspots.

Looking at an online definition of showgirl, it states that a showgirl is a female who wears elaborate costumes, usually “over-decorated” and they perform in either a musical or theatrical show. Since Minsky’s Follies, who introduced the topless concept in 1957, the term showgirl has been changed to mean stripper. This new definition is incorrect, showgirls do not strip nor do they dance in a lewd fashion. Strippers do both.

Chloe Crawford was born in Portsmouth, on the south coast of England, on April 21st. She started dancing at the age of five, taking classes at local studios and performing in local dance shows. After college, her big break came when she auditioned for a casino production show in Slovenia at Casino le Perla. After that first contract, she never looked back!

She moved to Las Vegas in April 2012 and became a permanent U.S resident. In less than two years Chloe has accomplished more than most showgirls have in five years including being featured online in Playboy, in calendars – Fantasy 2013 and 2014, in magazines – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and Tradeshow Lifestyles , and in newspapers – Las Vegas Review Journal, and USA Today.

Currently she regularly stars in the Murray Celebrity Magician show at the Tropicana as well as being in FANTASY at the Luxor, and both shows appear in Las Vegas strip hotels. By developing an international following and strategically branding herself as the contemporary Las Vegas showgirl, Chloe has successfully leveraged her celebrity and platform to include merchandise and television appearances, thus making it possible to gain more notoriety and income generating opportunities.

Chloe Crawford: Interview with Andre’ Haynes
Chloe Crawford

Chloe Crawford took a short break while rehearsing her show and spoke about her endeavors. *The interview, after the first question and answer, will refer to Andre’ Haynes as “A” and Chloe Crawford as “C.”*

Andre’: Describe the most valuable business lesson that you have ever learned?

Chloe: Be cautious and patient. Never believe anything until you see it.

A: Chloe: What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

C: My greatest professional accomplishments are becoming Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month (February 2014) and having my photographs published inside Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit edition.

A: Did you have to make sacrifices to become successful and if so what?

C: Leaving England & moving to Vegas… I moved here to be with Murray, my husband & ‘Celebrity Magician’ but by moving here I’ve progressed in my career so I’ve been very lucky that everything has worked out & I’ve done so well out here.

Chloe Crawford: Interview with Andre’ Haynes

A: Who is your greatest supporter and how do they support you?

C: My hubby, Murray SawChuck. He has been very supportive ever since I moved out her & even before then when I was touring. We make a good team & work very well together, it’s nice that we’re both in the same business too as it can get pretty crazy sometimes & it great to have someone that understands our business.

A: Share some business advice.

C: Never burn bridges. Always remember where you came from and who was there for you along the journey.

A: Any future endeavors?

C: More television appearances and event hosting gigs. I love to try new things, however I am really enjoying what I am doing right now so we will see.

A: Do you have any upcoming events or media interviews?

C: On March 31st we open back at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino… Murray ‘Celebrity Magician’ 4pm show Sunday through Thursday. I am featured in an episode of ‘Day In The Life’ show which airs on Playboy TV in April 2014. Attending charity fundraisers for eBunny, Share, Friends for Life Humane Society and many more.

A: Where can fans follow you?

C: Website:
Twitter: @chloelcrawford
Facebook: Chloe-Louise-Crawford

This interview was done by Andre’ Haynes. He is the founder and head of Endeavor Media Group, a Las Vegas-based Political Consulting and Public Relations company. Andre’ contributes to various publications, does voice-overs, and he co-hosts a radio talk-show. Haynes supports many charities such as, the United Blood Services, the American Cancer Society and the March of Dimes. Andre’ would like to thank Celebrity Magician Murray SawChuck for introducing him to Chloe Crawford.

Chloe Crawford: Interview with Andre’ Haynes
Andre’ Haynes

By Michael Smith


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Twitter: @chloelcrawford
Facebook: Chloe-Louise-Crawford

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