Chris Brown Trial to Begin Monday


Persistently troubled singer Chris Brown’s latest trial is to begin Monday; this time around, the singer stands accused of assault. This trial stems from an incident back in October, when the hip-hop superstar and his bodyguard, Christopher Hallosy, allegedly punched and assaulted a man named Parker Adams. The superstar singer and his bodyguard claimed that the action took place because Adams attempted to board the singer’s tour bus, but Adams claims this is a lie. According to him, he simply had tried to get in the background of a picture that the singer was attempting to take. Per Adams’s story, he was then badgered by the defendants and then the heated exchange led to an assault. This dust-up may be a particularly significant for the musician. Even though he has run afoul of the law many times previously, if convicted in this case he may be headed to jail for a significant period of time. The conviction alone could land him six months in prison, but additional jail time could be assessed due to the fact that the singer is technically still on probation from his violent attack on his ex-girlfriend, music superstar Rihanna.

Though this trial begins Monday for Chris Brown, he has had an unfortunate history and anger issues dating back years. The aforementioned incident with Rihanna caused major headlines back in 2009 when he savagely assaulted her. Reportedly, while driving, Rihanna found text messages on Brown’s phone from a former flame. He then began beating her, choked her, bit her, and verbally threatened her life. She eventually managed to flee and call for help, resulting in police intervention. That case did not result in jail time, but he did receive five years probation – probation that still applied today, and could thus extend his sentence in the current trial. As a result of the Rihanna verdict, Brown was also ordered to participate in mandatory domestic violence counseling and community service.

Unfortunately, the domestic violence counseling did not seem to quell the singer’s anger issues. While appearing on Good Morning America, he was asked by Robin Roberts about the domestic violence incident with his ex-girlfriend. Once off the air, he became enraged, he threw a chair, smashing a window in the studio. His problems with violence continued going forward. In 2012, Brown was at the same club as singer Drake, who also happened to have dated Rihanna. A brawl broke out between the entourages of the two hip-hop artists, leading to injuries. Then, in 2013, singer Frank Ocean filed a police report stating that Brown punched him in a dispute over a parking space, then had his bodyguards further attack Ocean. According to the report, he also threatened Ocean’s life as well as calling him homophobic slurs.

This track record shows incident after incident of rage, violence, and assaults. This history of violent altercations may become especially relevant when Chris Brown’s trial begins on Monday. Despite the singer’s ability to avoid jail time in the past, the fact that he was on probation at the time will make it less likely that the judge will offer any leniency when it comes to sentencing – only time will tell what the results of the trial will be.

By Alex Warheit

USA Today
LA Times
NY Daily News
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