Chris Martin Opens Up About Split With Gwyneth Paltrow

Chris MartinChris Martin recently opened up about his split with Gwyneth Paltrow, and admitted that some of it was his fault. It has been the first time the Coldplay singer has opened up about the decision to “consciously uncouple,” making it clear that his own issues were to blame.

The singer recently appeared on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show to talk about his bands upcoming album and discuss his thoughts on One Direction. However, the conversation took a twist when he started opening up about his recent decision to split from his wife of 11 years, Paltrow. Before now, the Iron Man actress has been the one to open up, after sharing it in her online newsletter, GOOP.

Paltrow never blamed her husband specifically for the divorce. Since they’re remaining friends, it makes sense that she views it as a failure from both of them. This was not a decision they had come to lightly either, and spent over a year in therapy—both couples and individual—to work through their problems.

Some of those problems were Martin’s inability to open up and let love in. He acknowledged that despite having something good and beautiful, he was unable to celebrate it properly because he was unable to open up. He explained that he no longer wanted to go through life scared of something or afraid that something is not going to work out.

While he never explained exactly the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage, he did make it clear that it was his mental problems that he is having to work through. Martin opened up about the split from Paltrow for the first time, explaining that the problems started two years ago when he realized that something had t change in his life.

The Coldplay singer is definitely not the only reason for the two to go their separate ways. Sources close to the couple had already stated there were differences between family plans and parenting. Paltrow’s strict diet also became an issue. It could be that Martin saw the restrictions as a negative influence on their daughter, Apple.

There were also rumors that the two were being unfaithful. Both were repeatedly spotted with other people, and the rumors made it much harder for them to work as a couple. It makes sense that they would believe they function better as parents separate.

Of course, the parenting choices and where they live will always be a debate. While the two made a statement when they first separated that they would co-parent and work together, it seems contradictory if part of their problems were not being able to agree about where to raise their family and how to parent. That will cause problems in the future, but Martin never shared any information about this in his recent interview.

The Coldplay singer likes to remain quiet and keep things as personal as possible. He rarely opens up about anything other than the band and the music they are working on together. It was a treat to hear Martin finally open up about his split from Paltrow and his reasons for it happening.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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