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Colin Kaepernick Eyes New Contract Despite Recent Trouble

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick has been controversial for the art all over his body, but recent allegations has given the young NFL player a different type of attention. The 49ers quarterback has put himself in the center of a media storm with reports from TMZ of his name coming up in connection with a sexual assault. Police investigators have questioned Kaepernick, however, his involvement in the incident is not yet clear. It is uncertain at this time if Kaepernick is a suspect or a person of interest, but there seems to be a connection between him and the events that happened in a Miami hotel room. Kaepernick denied any and all allegations reported by the online Hollywood news site on Twitter, claiming all the stories were made up and completely false. While assuring fans on social media of his innocence, the 26 year old quarterback will have a much more difficult time convincing the 49ers organization. As Colin Kaepernick keeps his eyes on the future, his recent troubles may affect his future status with the team and and new contract as well.

Kaepernick has potentially given the 49ers organization reasons to not extend the young quarterback’s agreement. Although Kaepernick has been a pleasant surprise in his starting role, and has been successful for the team, the 49ers front office execs have reportedly been looking to trade or release troubled players. Following a close NFC Championship loss this past post season, the 49ers organization has been rumored to be looking to trade head coach Jim Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns. Although all parties involved deny the allegations, sources within the organizations confirm otherwise. It might be tradition to easily trade or release high quality talent for the 49ers, but Colin Kaepernick has proven to be a talent worth the cap space and he has no bigger supporter than coach Jim Harbaugh.

Coach Harbaugh has emphasised how much of a priority it should be for the team to extend Kaepernick’s contract and to keep him in San Francisco for many years to come. Harbaugh continued his sentiment by stating that Kaepernick had an unmatched work ethic. Despite Colin Kaepernick’s recent troubles, coach Harbaugh supports a new contract for the breakout star entering his fourth season. This would also be his final year with the 49ers if an extension is not done prior to free agency in the next off season.

With a career passer rating of 93.8 and almost eclipsing 1000 rushing yards, Kaepernick has proven, in just a very small window, not only how talented he is, but also his potential for growth and improvement for the quarterback. Taking over the starting job over an injured Alex Smith, Kaepernick was a natural fit in Harbaugh’s offensive system. With multiple playoff wins and a Super Bowl appearance under his belt, the young quarterback has the ability and skillset to continue this momentum and elevate any team to title contention. As the media eyes Colin Kaepernick due to his recent trouble, the only thing he has his mind and body set on is a new contract and a Super Bowl title.

Commentary by Hector Carrion

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