Shooting Reported at Kansas Jewish Center


Reports of gun fire and shooting at a Kansas Jewish Center in Overland Park, Kansas has been confirmed by police. The building itself is currently under lockdown and reports are that two people have been shot in two different parts of the building. One person was apprehended, but no details about  the victims or shooter have been released to the media. The FBI is currently investigating  the matter.

The shooting took place during a dance audition for a future recital for the Jewish Center. The kids were taken to safety and away from the gun shots. More details continue to be released as the story unfolds.

By Hector Carrion


One Response to "Shooting Reported at Kansas Jewish Center"

  1. Robert Jones   April 13, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    This despicable cretin should be tried speedily and if found guilty executed without delay!!!

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