Columbus Short Accused of Threatening to Murder His Wife

columbus shortColumbus Short, 31, who stars in Scandal on ABC, was given a restraining order and some divorce papers after allegedly threatening to kill his wife, actress Tuere Tanee McCall. On April 7, the couple reportedly had a serious fight at their Los Angeles home that got out of control.

McCall claims that her husband appeared drunk and charged at her with a wine bottle, acting as if he was going to hit her with it. When she tried to get away, he poured the wine on her. She said that he was berating her abusively. She goes on to say that as she was trying to get away from him, he pushed her and almost caused her to go over the upstairs railing in their home. According to McCall, Short then ran after her into the kitchen, got a knife, and held her down on the couch while choking her. He allegedly put the knife to her throat and threatened to kill her and himself. He then forced her to play his game of “Truth or Truth” which involved him questioning her about men with which he believed she was cheating. Allegedly, Short told his wife that if she lied to him, he would stab her in the leg. Each time that McCall denied his accusations he stabbed the couch near her, or other furniture nearby.

The couple’s two year-old daughter Ayala was awoken by the screaming, and McCall went to get her while Short was trying to hide the credit card that he had noticed and taken from his wife’s hand. According to McCall, she and her daughter ran to her car to try to escape where Short proceeded to beat on the window as she drove away. McCall realized later that her tire was rapidly losing air and guessed that her husband had slashed her tire as she was driving away.

Before the huge fight that prompted accusations from Tuere McCall that Columbus Short had threatened to murder her, the couple had been involved in two other serious altercations. Earlier this year, Short was charged with criminal domestic violence and child abuse after an incident that involved him allegedly chasing his wife around their home. According to McCall, Short pushed her, cornered her, eventually dragged her out of a room where she’d tried to hide, and threw her on the floor. This happened while their daughter and Short’s son were also in the home.

In another incident a few weeks later, Short began pushing his wife and telling her that she needed to leave. “He threatened to hurt me” McCall said. He had frightened their daughter, and McCall claims that she found Ayala scared and shaking.

On March 26, Short had a warrant issued for his arrest after he allegedly punched a man during an engagement party at a bar in Los Angeles on March 15. The victim ultimately decided not to press charges on the actor.

McCall previously filed for divorce in September 2013, but withdrew that request. She has since filed for divorce from Columbus Short again, and cited irreconcilable differences. Short was required to move out of the home, per the restraining order. The move took place on April 16, overseen by the police. McCall is also seeking sole custody of their daughter.

Columbus Short has not had a lot to say regarding the accusation that he threatened to murder his wife. He issued a statement on April 17, in which he states that he’s been instructed by his legal counsel to keep quiet on his side of the story. “My counsel has instructed me that a Court of law is the only and proper venue to deal with such matters” he said. He also thanked his fans for their support.

By Twanna Harps

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