Dark Eden by Chris Beckett: Two Copy Book Giveaway

Dark Eden by Chris Beckett: Three Copy Book Giveaway

What is Dark Eden about, and how do I sign up for this cool Book Giveaway?

Two paperback copies of the science fiction novel, Dark Eden, by Chris Beckett, are up for grabs in this Book Giveaway for residents of the United States who are 18 or older and who leave a comment (though not Spam, please) and the name of the state you live in below, along with your email address, so I can contact the winners.

Chris Beckett’s Dark Eden is a science fiction novel about a group of people who were stranded on a planet with no sun, who settled there and raised generations of children, while still keeping the hope alive that a starship will come back and rescue them at some point in the future.  Dark Eden by Chris Beckett: Three Copy Book Giveaway

How a group of humans can stay alive for generations (163 years) on a planet in a big valley surrounded by snow and ice-packed mountains with no sun to provide light and warmth is not gone into to a great extent, though certain trees called Redlantern trees provide some warmth, and probably the planet has geothermal aspects about it which enable parts of it to be warm enough for human to inhabit it.

John Redlantern is the main male protagonist of Dark Eden, and because of his single-handedly slaying Dark Eden’s version of a leopard by ramming a spear down its throat, he has gained some degree of respect among his group of survivors, the Redlanterns. The ancestors of other people who were on the starship and gave their promises that they would return with help make up other groups of humans on Dark Eden.

If you can either reason away how humans can live on Dark Eden, a planet without a sun, or can just get past it, you will become thoroughly engrossed by the novel and Beckett’s writing style. The survivors and their descendants have figured out ways to get by in their brave new dark world, reverting to a more primitive lifestyle of wearing animal skins for clothing and using handmade knives and spears as weapons.

There are several theological aspects to the plot of Dark Eden, with John Redlantern taking on a leadership role, somewhat akin to that of Moses. He wants something better and different for himself, and he is not satisfied with the dull daily routine of life on Dark Eden.

Language is deteriorating; incest is an ongoing norm; and, genetic disorders are developing, with an entire group of the survivors — called the Batwings — having developed clawed feet and hands, and mouths and noses that are similar-looking to those on bat faces.

Though oral tradition has passed down the history of Tommy and Angela and their Three Companions, and their request or order for the survivors to stay close to their “Landing Veekle” so they would be easier to be found and rescued, after 163 years the promise of being rescued is but an ever-dimming memory.

John and some of the other offspring of the original survivors have grown restless, and have begun to question the old ways and wisdom of the “Olders” in their respective groups. The descriptions of phosphorescent plants and trees, and the birds and other animals on Dark Eden, are entertaining and help to show without coming right out and stating it that, since other plants and animals can live on Dark Eden, humans can, as well.

Dark Eden is a tour de force by author Chris Beckett, and it’s a great introduction to his series about life on the sunless planet of Dark Eden. The novel is told from the first person perspectives of various characters, which is yet another interesting aspect about Beckett’s novel. The Guardian Liberty Voice is pleased to be able to offer two lucky winners of this Book Giveaway paperback copies of Dark Eden.

To check Dark Eden out for yourselves, FREE, just enter this Giveaway by leaving a non-Spam comment below, and also include the name of the state you live in. If you’re 18 or older, and are one of the two lucky winners of Dark Eden, I will contact you via your email address and ask you for your mailing information so that a paperback copy can be mailed out to you. This Book Giveaway will run from now until Sunday, April 27, at Midnight CT.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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