Corbin Bernsen Stands Back as Son Oliver Starts to Shine

Corbin Bernsen Stands Back as Son Oliver Starts to Shine

Corbin Bernsen, actor, writer and director has played numerous parts over the years. He has had many roles in life, but his greatest have been the role of son, brother, husband and father. The almost 60 year old veteran of stage and screen has portrayed his characters with grace and style and his personal life has not been much different. Dignity, with a flair for art has become a family tradition, starting with Bernsen’s mother Jeanne Cooper and continuing with his son Oliver.

Bernsen, the son of the late Jeanne Cooper who played Katherine Chancellor on The Young and The Restless for 40 years, made his own mark in show business quite quickly. After much admiration for his mother, he chose his own path in the entertainment industry and it all worked out according to his desires. The family tradition of acting seems to be deeply rooted and in the blood, as Bernsen’s four sons are starting to come into their own.

After several appearances on various shows, Bernsen landed the role of Arnold Becker on L.A. Law in 1986. He stayed until the show’s 1994 finale and in the meantime met and married British actress Amanda Pays. The happily wedded couple have enjoyed a full life of work while welcoming four sons into their family. Always ready to relax and vacation, the family has bonded through respect for ambition, while keeping life in perspective.

Bernsen is a role player and a role model for his family and friends. With many awards and achievements under his belt, he is looking towards the future with the gifts he has been blessed with. Even accomplishing a successful run with his series, Psych, Bernsen has branched out into new territory with his Christian based films and messages. The new film, Christian Mingle is set to be released in the near future.

Since the passing of his mother, on May 8, 2013, Bernsen has grown even more insightful and reflective of life’s blessings. His motto is to pay it forward as he encourages his sons’ individual talents. He has dreams in store for each of his children as they reach their potential. As a father, Bernsen has laid a good foundation, but is content to stand back and let his sons shine without the automatic hand-out. He and his wife have instilled the values, concepts and encouragement over the years, as the rest is left up to each one to do as they are led.

Oliver is leading the group with his art and talents in sketch art and short films. Henry, Angus and Finley are trailing close behind with no time to waste with their own individual ambitions. As the whole family inspires and grows together, they are all branching out to new projects. Bernsen is the ultimate encourager, but he has also made it clear that each son has to make it on his own by own his endeavors.

Recognizing his heritage, Oliver has been doing his own thing for several years. An accomplished artist of sketch prints, he has expanded his talents into short films. Working as a producer and sound technician on films such as Guy Stuff and The Money…Teaser, Oliver has embarked on a new release entitled Midland.  The short film centers on the life of a baseball player that encounters life changing events.

Oliver’s passion and thought provoking works of arts both on canvas and in film, serve to inspire and evoke emotion. He seems to have a way of transposing feelings of life’s complexity and simplicity into moving pieces of art, enjoyed both on the wall or in film by the mind and memory of the viewer.

Raising his own money for the project, Oliver joined forces with fellow filmmaker and Los Angeles native, Dan Magnante. Through a unique program of trading art for art, Oliver has offered his sketches in return for donations to help fund his film. The goal of $15,000 for backing of the production costs have almost been achieved with the deadline being May 8, the anniversary of his grand-mother’s passing. It is all working together with a guiding force from above, support and an inborn talent not be denied.

As his father could have easily given him a golden ticket, Oliver was taught to appreciate the little things in life and has worked hard to make it on his own. Bernsen has set a good example with his life and with his sons as they all shine on and excel in their own ambitions. Good things are happening as the Cooper/Bernsen legacy continues.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon






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