Cristiano Ronaldo Is Injured

RonaldoThe news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury did not only come as a surprise but as a shocker to many lovers of the game and fans of the soccer star. Some believe it to be mere speculated rumor, while others think it could be a nightmare. This development presents a devastating scenario to supporters, players and managers of the club (Madrid). To this effect, what available signs have we got to truly ascertain if Cristiano Ronaldo is really injured?

What initially seemed to be a minor injury in the course of training after the Champions League first leg quarter final encounter with Borussia Dortmund last week, gradually turn out to be more or less critical. Thus, posing a potential threat of inactivity to the life and career of the soccer player.

Though the Madrid forward was placed as a substitute for the second leg clash with Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday, he was, however, not summoned at all. Recent medical reports on the Portuguese player shows that he is currently suffering from a hamstring injury. Nevertheless, specific details on the severity and duration of the injury were not revealed. As details concerning quick recovery remain obscure, this could possibly imply trouble for the team in general. There are speculations that the injury may last longer than expected. Some are of the opinion that the athlete may  miss crucial games like the Copa del Rey final match against Barcelona next Wednesday and maybe the first leg of the semi final Champions League game.

Certes, the Madrid forward had scored 14 goals in all matches played so far in the current Champions League games, 28 in La Liga and 3 in Copa del Rey. The two-times ballon d’or recipient, who had earlier hoped for a brighter career in the world of soccer this session, is in no way daunted by his performance so far. The first leg game against Dortmund of which he added a goal to his name, turned out to be his 100th Champions League game played thus far. This recent feat has given CR7 the kudos of most goals scored in the champions league in a single session. As CR7 is injured, can this wining pace be maintained?

Ronaldo is generally known to possess an outright persistent nature; however, it is sad to note that it may not work for him this time.  Coach Ancelotti had earlier confirmed that the 29-year old forward wasn’t really in his best form and assured that observations would be carried out for a 100% fitness level so as to avoid any risk of taking unwary chances.

Unlike past times, this detrimental situation is becoming persistent i.e. reoccurring almost seasonally with the player. In some days, the race for the Copa del Rey title will be sealed between Real Madrid and their arch rival Barcelona. Seeing that the presence of the Madrid captain is needed in vital matches as this, as  there is perhaps no chance of making it without him? It is no news that Cristiano’s absence might cause a setback to the teams progress. The defense of oppositions would be able to rest during their next encounter with the club, since Cristiano Ronaldo is injured.

Commentary by Obed Uche





3 Responses to "Cristiano Ronaldo Is Injured"

  1. allopatricspeciation   April 14, 2014 at 11:19 am

    you really need to proofread before you post articles

  2. Nati.Has14 (@Natii_CR7)   April 14, 2014 at 2:46 am

    He worked so hard and caried his team to the semi final if he did’t play the frist leg it would be a mess for us as a funs and for him to he wil be devesteted but u can see tme just proves he is the best player coz u can see the team is not the same with out him

  3. anuraag   April 14, 2014 at 1:42 am

    Cristiano is a true champion..he is someone you look up to for inspiration…the very nature and the character of the portugese star is larger than life and you only read about these characters In text books. The fact that he never gives up and is always trying hard is quite obvious even to those who dont like him. Injury is unavoidable if you play and give your very best every week for more than a decade. Bliss, yes that is how I describe the feeling I get when I see him running with the ball and scoring goals that matter most in big game..aganist big teams..this is how yu live life , trying to give it your all , being the best , and not accepting the second position but rising above it all every time when people doubt yu ,yur capability and your integrity.
    I am sure he will be back soon with all his grace and might ..and will show us all that to why and how badly wants to be the BEST IN THE WORLD

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