Cronut Appetite Ruined by Mouse Infestation


Almost one year after the cronut craze began, foodies’ appetite could be ruined by a mouse infestation which has been keeping Dominique Ansel Bakery closed since Friday. The delicious combination of croissant and doughnut is known for changing its flavor on a monthly basis and April’s winner is passion fruit caramelia chocolate. However, cronut lovers were forced to refrain from indulging in the famous dessert, since the New York City bakery remains closed until Tuesday, according to one of the pastry shop’s workers. Dominique Ansel’s endless lines are now replaced by a notice which scares fans off.

Dominique Ansel Bakery, the pastry shop where the cronut was invented remains closed and some foodies’ appetite has already been ruined by the mouse infestation, while others believe that this situation is not uncommon and all restaurant encounter this problem sooner or later. The closure intervened after a customer posted a video on YouTube last Thursday of a mouse wandering around the kitchen floor of the New York bakery. Amy Ma, the pastry shop’s spokeswoman said that “inspectors did not find a single mouse in the bakery when they visited yesterday.” However, the health department found “several hundred mouse droppings,” which determined the authorities to shut down the pastry shop for a “severe” pest infestation. The restaurant was cited for “evidence of live mice present” in October 2013, but the bakery still received an A health rating. Ma insists that the evidence the health department found represents nothing more than cracks and holes in the walls, which are now cemented all over again.

A Step Back

Foodies’ appetite for cronut might have been ruined by the mouse infestation which keeps the doors of Dominique Ansel Bakery closed, but most of the people who have a sweet tooth defined the current situation as disappointing. For example, a tourist from Atlanta, Georgia told the New York Daily News that the bakery was his first stop while visiting New York.

YouTube user Cody Pickrodt, the person who posted the video with a mouse wandering around the kitchen floor of the place where the cronut was invented said that he did not tell the bakery’s employees about the situation, because “it appeared they were all aware of it.” The pastry shop posted a message on Facebook in which it apologized for the inconvenience and promised to solve the problem as soon as possible. The note also suggested that the YouTube video was “a cruel and sensationalized attack” and the bakery believes that it was “not framed in the proper context.”

Despite the fact that many people are willing to forgive the bakery’s presumable mouse infestation, some foodies’ appetite for cronut was ruined by the closed doors. The pastry shop is expected to resume work today, according to one of its workers. Some fans of the delicious dessert are eager to step into the pastry shop again, but others still cannot believe that Dominique Ansel Bakery was the target of health issues. Only after the shop opens, can the staff conclude whether the image of the French patisserie has been damaged or not. Foodies’ appetite for cronut could have been ruined by a mouse infestation which has been keeping Dominique Ansel Bakery closed since Friday.

By: Gabriela Motroc


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