Peaches Geldof Death Not Triggered by Drugs


Peaches Geldof, the writer and TV presenter was found dead on April 6 at her home in Wrotham, England and, despite rumors that she followed in her mother’s footsteps and died of drug overdose, police concluded that her death was not triggered by drugs. On the contrary, the socialite’s demise was categorized as “unexplained and sudden,” and there were no signs that she could have committed suicide. Approximately one month before her unexpected death, the writer and model offered an interview in which she mentioned she would never let down her two children.

Peaches Geldof lived a full life, in spite of her unripe age but, although her death was initially believed to be triggered by drugs, police determined that the cause of the 25-year-old’s demise was not drug abuse. The Daily Mail stated that the police are not treating the matter as suspicion; instead, they have described the tragic incident as “unexplained and sudden.” The daughter of musician and humanitarian Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, who died in 2000 of drug overdose admitted to have taken drugs, but she never abused of such substances. The writer, TV presenter and model was deprived of her mother when she was only 11 and the last picture she posted on Instagram was one with herself as a baby and her late mother. Irrespective of the picture which was posted hours before the socialite’s death, the coroner is not excluding the possibility of a death brought about by natural causes.

As family statements show, Peaches Geldof the mother, wife and daughter will be missed, but none of her beloved ones grasp the circumstances of her death, especially since the possibility of a demise triggered by drugs is not possible. The socialite was interviewed by Mother & Baby magazine not long before she was found dead, but the cause of death remains “unexplained” since she was talking about how much her children changed her and about attachment parenting, meaning that she was ready to breastfeed her one-year-old as much as possible.

I felt finally anchored in place,” Geldof told Mother & Baby.

After remaining without a mother at the age of 11, she left home at 16, when she started to properly grieve for her late parent. Her writing career began when she was 15 years old and started contributing to Elle magazine and continued with The Guardian and The Telegraph. She was also a TV presenter and a model but, above all, she was the mother of Astala, 24 months and Phaedra, one.

The world is in shock as young Geldof passed away at 25, leaving husband Thomas Cohen behind, who promised to bring their two sons “up with their mother in their hearts everyday.” At the same time, her father still wonders how come he will never see her face again. The coroner has not yet offered a conclusion regarding the sudden death of the British writer and TV presenter, but the possibility of drug abuse has been left out for the moment. The unexpected death of Peaches Geldof which has shattered not only her family, but also Hollywood has not been elucidated yet, but it is believed that the demise was not triggered by drugs.

By Gabriela Motroc

BBC News

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