David Letterman Has Many Fans in High Places

David LettermanDavid Letterman realized just how many fans he has in high places last night after announcing his retirement next year. Floods of tweets and well-wishes have come through, and Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of the first.

The Late Show is the longest-standing talk show for the late night audiences in the United States, and the host has been front and center the whole time. His contract ends in 2015, and he made it very clear that he has no intention of signing another one.

Late Night With David Letterman originally started in 1982 on NBC but moved to CBS in 1993 and became The Late Show. It was not a move of his choice, but necessary after Jay Leno took his spot from 1992. It led to a long battle of the ratings between the two, and unfortunately for him Leno came out on top most of the time.

Many fans have now shown their appreciation, with a lot of celebrities sharing their wishes for the 66-year-old’s future. Gellar shared stills from her appearances on the show over the years, along with the caption stating he will be missed.

One celebrity who took to Twitter to thank the legendary host was Seth Meyers. Meyers made it clear that his show would not exist without the 66-year-old.

Letterman has now seen just how many fans he has in high places. Ellen DeGeneres, Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Kimmel have all taken to Twitter to share their appreciation, thanks and well-wishes for the man. Gervais had fun with his tweet, blaming the talk show host for introducing the comedian to America. Before Gervais’ appearance on The Late Show, he was only popular to British audiences.

Lena Dulhelm has tried to remain positive towards the decision. While wishing Letterman well for the future, she is excited about the change.  She is looking forward to the “diversification of Late Night” but makes it clear that she is just trying to be optimistic.

The 66-year-old reached the important milestone last year. He became the longest-serving talk show host for a late night show, surpassing Johnny Carson’s record. Incidentally, Carson was his mentor and friend, so it was a poignant moment for him.

The news of Letterman’s departure comes just two months after Leno’s departure from The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon has replaced Leno, since NBC decided not to lose the show entirely. CBS may decide to do the same once the 66-year-old’s contract is up next year. However, there is currently no confirmation. It could be a chance for the network to change the late night line up entirely. Speculations suggest that a new host will come in, with Conan O’Brien and Craig Ferguson being tipped to fill the role.

Among those offering their praises and well-wishes is the CBS chairman. Leslie Moonves stated that the veteran talk show host “managed to keep” many on their toes during his interviews. These included celebrities like Gellar, who is just one of the many fans in high places that Letterman has gained over the years.

By Alexandria Ingham


Daily Mail

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