Kaley Cuoco Says Breast Implants Were Her Best Decision

Kaley CuocoWhen Kaley Cuoco was 18 years old, she says she made the best decision ever by getting breast implants. It is a controversial subject for many, with many hitting out at the idea that a woman can only be happy or get the jobs of their dreams because of plastic surgery. However, she tends to do things that many believe are questionably, including marrying after just six months of dating.

When the actress was on the set of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, she decided she wanted bigger and perkier breasts. The only way she could do that was to have plastic surgery, and she has never looked back since. She has explained all in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, where she is the cover star for the May issue.

During the interview, Cuoco explained that she has an obsession with reading about herself. The Big Bang Theory star would constantly read the comments in articles to find out what people really thought about her. When they complained she was constantly in UGG boots and never made an effort, she decided it was time to do her hair and put on makeup. That led to people complaining that she loved the cameras. “I couldn’t do anything right,” the actress states in the soon-to-be published interview. It is a sad fact for many celebrities. There will always be someone knocking them down for choosing to do something.

She will likely have people knocking her down for choosing to have breast implants, something that Cuoco says were the best decision she ever made. The important thing is that she has never been hypocritical about the surgery.

In 2002, when she was just 16-years-old, she was asked about whether she would have the surgery. Making it clear that she was still too young, she did point out that she understood the reason for some to make that decision. It was likely something playing on her mind at the time. Two years later, she went under the knife and emerged with her new figure.

At the time, the media paid little attention to the 8 Simple Rules star. It was only until after her relationship with Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill that she found herself followed by paparazzi all the time.

This was another questionable decision for fans. Many have criticized the 28-year-old actress for dating him for publicity. They were together for just 10 years, and she had previously mentioned that she would not date another actor.

The Cosmopolitan interview will go into her love life much more. She talks candidly about her previous relationships with Cavill and Big Bang co-star Johnny Galecki. Her husband, Ryan Sweeting, will also be mentioned, including the decision to marry after just six short months.

Part of her interview will include her decision to have breast augmentation surgery, and just why she decided to have it done. Cuoco says she definitely has no regrets for having the surgery, and the breast implants were the best decision she ever made.

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