David Moyes Is out of Manchester United

David Moyes

10 years after replacing the club’s most successful coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, David Moyes has being shown the back door by Manchester United. The inability of the former Red Devil coach to orchestrate progress through efficiency, and his dwindling efforts to perform to expectations reduced his prospects of experiencing a longer stay with the elite club. This substandard development certainly clarifies the reason why David Moyes was sent out of Manchester-United.

Manchester United’s loss to Everton on Sunday has evoked mixed feelings concerning the present welfare and the future state of the club. It is believed that the undeserving humiliation experienced at Goodison Park two days ago may have triggered the process of the coach’s exist permit.

The present moribund state of the club has been linked to the coach’s lack of charisma. His irrational methods and less technical principles have given rise to the eruption of countless actions of misconduct, disorderliness and lack of discipline among club members.

The six-year contract signed with the affluent Glazier family on his behalf has unexpectedly been short-lived, since his chances of staying a little longer have been cut off. The 50-year-old was officially shown the way out from Old Trafford yesterday.

Evidently the affluent club owners would take no more of the inconsistent nature worn by the club as portrayed in several games this season. Subsequent to an anticipated knock-out from the Champions League semifinal, together with their unpalatable exit from FA Cup and their present seventh-place position in the Premier League, it has become a notable fact that the coach of the elite club, which is rapidly on the brink of sinking, had made use of his last life line.

Moyes, who had really experienced some contemptuous moments in the club, had but a few supporters at his side. One of them proved to be his fellow countryman; former Manchester United chief Sir Alex Ferguson. The latter believed that the best is yet to come from his successor and should therefore be given enough time to settle and get accustomed to matters affecting the club.

Also, it was astounding to see fans of Manchester City advocating a stay permit for the dwindling Manchester United boss. They expressed their solicit feelings by displaying placards and banners with various inscriptions like “Don’t Sack Moyes!” “David Moyes is a football Genius” and “Give Moyes a Chance.”

While some were advocating that patience should be exercised with the coach, others were of a contradicting outlook. Ryann Giggs was of the opinion that the coming of the 50-year-old had made little or no impact on the customary accomplishment of the club this season. Seeing that David Moyes is out of Manchester United, the former Red Devil forward is on the verge of taking over the mantle of leadership together with Nicky Butt in the interim until a competent coach is acquired this summer.

The out-of-favor club, which has obviously failed to qualify for Champions League next season, might as well rob themselves the chance of qualifying for Europa League. The 11 games lost this season is the worst ever recorded by the club since 1990. The question is; will the lost glory be restored now that David Moyes is out of Manchester United?

Commentary by Obed Uche

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