Navy Baseball Players Go Viral: Frozen Song ‘Love Is an Open Door’ [VIDEO]



Two United States Navy baseball players have become a YouTube duo sensation with their fresh-faced and just too darn cute lip-sync rendition of the song, Love is an Open Door. The song, from the Disney hit movie Frozen, has already been extensively covered by a multitude of lip-syncing Frozen fans but the baseball players are really resonating with the viewing public and their video has gone viral with over one million hits.

Brad Borosak and Matt Kilby filmed themselves lip-syncing to the song while driving and their video is the end result of a social media exchange on Twitter. Kilby who is from Alexandria VA, had joked that he and his buddy Borosak had a romantic crush on the animated star of Frozen, “Elsa.” Kilby decided that they and a friend who have never seen the movie (which is not surprising since Frozen is basically an animated chick flick) should all watch the movie together. Cleverly, Kilby came up with the hashtag, “Brozen” as in bros watching Frozen, and the idea took off.

Not only do the two young men lip-sync the song to perfection, their facial expressions are priceless. Their spot on delivery of a few of the verbal lines from the movie dialogue is just icing on the entertainment cake. It is however, a little hard to reconcile Borosak’s jawline and baseball cap with Anna’s, (Elsa’s younger sister in the movie) crooning of “and it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before! Love is an open door!” in the sweet dulcet tones of actress Kristen Bell who voiced the animated character. Even Borosak seems on the verge of breaking into laughter as he plays his part in the duo’s performance. However, this merriment threatening to break loose only adds to his appeal, especially when he looks right at the camera almost as if to acknowledge that his performance is going to make viewers laugh.

Kilby, playing the role of Anna’s love interest Hans seems to have it a bit easier and if there is similar merriment in his eyes, it is well hidden behind the dark sunglasses he wore during his performance. Not as easily disguised is the size of what may be an 18-inch neck as the Navy man swings his head enthusiastically towards “Anna” while lip-syncing Han’s words of sweet affection.

Kilby and Borosak originally only shared the Love is an Open Door lip-sync video with their baseball team and their Facebook fans. However, friends and family enjoyed the video so much they suggested the two make it public and post it to YouTube. The two men have taken a bit of razzing from their Navy peers but since the initial posting, the video has continued to gather momentum. In fact, the now viral video even aired on the relatively popular television program, Good Morning America on ABC. The video has also garnered the attention of a few celebrities like Zooey Deschanel who shared it on her own social media to the delight of Kilby and Borosak.

The lip-sync rendition of the song Love is an Open Door from the huge Disney hit Frozen has been a win/win for the two Navy baseball players. Not only have they garnered attention of celebrities and Frozen fans, their baseball team has been on a winning streak. While that streak cannot realistically be attributed to the video itself, perhaps laughter has served to buoy the camaraderie on the team helping to boost their athletic performance. Alternatively, perhaps the Navy baseball team is just talented in more ways than one whether it is as athletes taking on America’s pastime while in service to their country or entertainers lip-syncing to the beloved song from Frozen, Love is an Open Door.

Opinion By Alana Marie Burke
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