David Ortiz Is the Man of the Week in More Ways Than One

david ortizEver have one of those weeks? Well David Ortiz has and it has been better and stranger than most people can probably imagine. He is the Man of the Week in more ways that would leave most people catatonic. But he always grins and bears it, even when it involves ticking off the entire Executive Branch of the United States government.

David Ortiz has become bigger than the game and a force of nature, to borrow a couple overused but accurate cliches and, boy, is life good with the Sox. It used to be all eyes on Manny Ramirez until the act got old and steroids took him out of the game in L.A., but now the Red Sox are lucky to have such a better person, and they know it. Big Papi is too much fun to be around.

If it is Monday it must be a signed endorsement between Ortiz and Samsung. News of an agreement did not come until Wednesday, for reasons that will soon be explained. No word of what is expected of him, but who wouldn’t want to see David Ortiz beaming down from a billboard, grinning on television, or popping up in an annoying online ad? Maybe taking a selfie? Samsung seems to be on a roll with selfies, in the sense that no publicity is bad publicity, especially when it involves putting one over on the President of the United States.

Tuesday started out as any other day someone gets to go meet the President at the White House. The usual trip to Washington, the Red Sox’s duty if not getting a bit redundant, having to go three times in the last ten years. Stand still for a bunch of pictures, give Obama the jersey, laugh at his jokes, and on and on. But, wait, Big Papi has pulled out his brand new Samsung phone and is getting a personal picture with the President. Good picture, the colors really pop with that thing.

Now, as if it wasn’t fun enough already, it gets even better.

Wednesday rolls around the White House is madder than a Chicago Cubs fan in July. It looks like Mr. Man of the Week Ortiz has been busted introducing a commercial element into a non-commercial environment. That being the government. Anyways, Ortiz says he could not believe all the publicity, he just wanted one more picture with the President, and the best way to do it was with his brand new phone made by the company that has already gotten too much publicity. The company laid low, letting Ortiz do all the denying, and the week went on.

Friday, David Ortiz and the team received their World Series rings. Big Papi got a second ring, a thank you from the team that had jumped on his MVP-winning back and let him take them all the way to the Championship. Not that the team did not win it all together, but Ortiz hit .688 in the Series. So everybody had that going for them. Ortiz wore his new rings and the others he had won with the Sox around his neck, a reminder to the team they can all be wearing more rings in the future.

On Sunday, Big Papi rested. He came up for one at bat on Saturday, but has had a nagging calf injury and manager John Farrell said he needed some down time. David Ortiz probably agreed; being Man of the Week is tough, way more tough than even he could have imagined. Now he has time to sit in the dugout, pull out his new phone, maybe play a game of Candy Crush.

Commentary by Andrew Elfenbein
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