Debbie Wasserman Schultz Says Democrats Will Reign in Midterms

schultzSomeone must have slipped something into Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s coffee, as she claimed that Democrats will reign supreme over Republicans in the 2014 midterm elections. Schultz faulty reasoning for this belief is because the GOP is prone to nominating “extremists” to run on their party platform, something, of course, Democrats have never been guilty of doing. Never mind that President Barack Obama is the most extreme left-wing president in this country’s history. That, of course, does not count.

When asked by the media whether Democrats running for reelection in conservative states feel threatened or appear vulnerable, due to the enormous blunders of Obamacare or the hemming and hawing by President Obama on the Keystone XL Pipeline, Schultz said not a chance. She remains unconvinced that the GOP is gaining any traction with American voters, despite all of the recent polls that clearly demonstrate how unsatisfied the public is with the performance of the Democratic Party.

Many Democrats up for reelection, like Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, are shifting more to the center, stating that Obamacare needs to be fixed, and that she would have constructed the law a bit differently. This is pure establishment politics, as Shaheen is not concerned about the effect of the Affordable Care Act on the people, but on her chances of reelection.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who says Democrats will reign victorious in the 2014 midterms, came to Sen. Shaheen’s defense, stating that discovering problems with a law like the Affordable Care Act is how legislation has always been handled throughout American history. Schultz does not believe this criticism of Obamacare is an indication that Shaheen disagrees with the law. She went on to tout all of the accomplishments of the health care law, regurgitating the same figures and statistics as the president and other Democratic Party drones across the country. Some of these figures, such as the eight million sign ups, are questionable, and so the integrity of such a claim is uncertain.

Schultz says that Democrats recognize the legislation is working for millions of people, and so many are willing to collaborate in order to work the bugs out of the law and make it better. The congresswoman is not at all concerned about the lack of voter turn out for Democrats that tends to happen during midterm elections, despite the historical evidence to the contrary.

Rep. Schultz says, that the Republican Party will lose because it is being strangled by the Tea Party. According to her vast political wisdom and knowledge, Republican primaries have been infiltrated by “extremists” from the Tea Party, because that’s what a person is called by the left when they sharply disagree with their ideology, and that the Republican Party nominates these individuals that the majority of their constituents reject, due to their “extremism.”

It seems that common sense, the ability to reason clearly, is something that is missing from establishment politicians, regardless of party affiliation. Tea Party candidates are not “extremists.” They are every day Americans who have had enough of the government intruding into their private lives, are sick of being raked over the coals by taxes, and want the government to learn how to be fiscally responsible by not recklessly printing and spending money it does not have. Since when does wanting to keep what you work for equal extremism? When did wanting small government and maximum personal responsibility become a negative thing in America? Are those principles not the foundation upon which this great nation was built?

For Debbie Wasserman Schultz to honestly think that Democrats will reign in the 2014 midterms, she must either be delusional or completely ignoring the public outcry against her party and their big government schemes. While major news media paints the picture that the left is securely in control of the country, both politically and ideologically, nothing could be further from the truth. There is a massive shift, especially among younger voters, toward conservative ideals and principles, at least when it comes to fiscal responsibility and civil liberties. They do not want the NSA spying on their phone conversations, and they are growing tired of massive government spending, most of which is waste, that continues to rack up the national debt and prevent job growth. Schultz’s comments should produce a snicker and chuckle from grassroots groups like the Tea Party, who have their boots on the ground speaking with constituents on a daily basis, as they know that the Democratic Party is on a sinking ship when it comes to the midterms this year.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell
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