MMA Apparel Company Offers Bounty for KO’ing Ronda Rousey: MMA Spotlight

Rhonda Rousey MMA Spotlight

After making brash statements to the media last week, it seems as if Ronda Rousey’s name isn’t going to disappear from this weeks MMA headlines either. An Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Apparel company, Americana MMA, tweeted just days ago that they would give $5,000 dollars to the first female fighter to K.O. the face of women’s MMA. The hostility stems from the comments Ronda made earlier in the week about fellow women’s MMA fighter in Invicta FC, Cris Cyborg. The newly crowned “Chuck Liddell” of the women’s bantamweight division called Cyborg an “It”; and went on to diminish Cyborg’s credibility in the sport, citing her failed drug test for steroid usage. The most interesting comment Rousey made throughout the week was the reference that whether or not if Cyborg was ” injecting horse semen through her eyeballs”, that she still would fight her.

The Americana MMA apparel twitter handle has somewhat of a case when it comes to how the UFC has dealt with fighter banter in recent years. UFC fighters Matt Mitrione and Matt Brown were both reprimanded by the UFC after making their derogatory statements about women’s MMA and their fighters.Will Ronda Rousey receive the same repercussions from the Dana White and the UFC brass? Who knows, Ronda is one of the sports biggest stars and draws in the UFC since becoming the first ever women’s champion in the organization. Her presence alone at an event draws a massive amount of attention. With an undefeated 9-0 record, with each fight ending in devastating fashion; a slap on the wrist from uncle Dana seems about as much as they can do with women’s champion, Ronda Rousey.

MMA Spotlight
Cyborg and Carano before Strikeforce bout.

Statements from Cris Cyborg’s camp on Ronda’s comments have yet to be made, but almost surely will come in due time. Cyborg has never let her voice be unheard when Ronda has discredited her as a women’s fighter in the past. Some feel the UFC may be trying to keep their women’s superstar from fighting the former 145 lb. Strikeforce champion. Cyborg is 12-1 in Women’s MMA and currently holds the Invicta FC Featherweight Championship; Cyborg has not lost an MMA bout since her first professional fight, over eight years ago. While rumors on a fight between the two have been mum, a former women’s champion has been rumored to possibly being a potential opponent in Ronda’s future. Before Gina Carano starred in movies like ‘Haywire’ and the series, ‘Fast and Furious’, she was the baddest chick on the Strikeforce women’s roster; and had become the face of WMMA’s future. Cyborg decisively beat Carano for the Strikeforce title, and the MMA world hasn’t heard from her since; but Dana White seems hellbent on making her return a high possibility.

Ronda Rousey’s schedule is already filled as she will take on Alexis Davis for the 135 lb. belt July 5, as the co-main event of UFC 175. The opponents are starting to become scarce for Ronda if she can get through Alexis Davis. Cat Zingano is still recovering from a knee injury, and Sarah Kaufman is still a fight or two away from a title shot. The higher profile fights for the UFC are out of the company with the potential Holly Holm, Gina Carano, and Cris Cyborg fights sitting on the shelf until further notice. As the way things look as of right now, Americana’s bounty wish comes into further doubt as Rousey’s reign in the UFC seems to become more stable as we move into the future of the sport. Love her or hate her, Ronda’s skills are undeniable in the cage and any opponent planning on beating her, let alone knocking her out, will be hard pressed to do so.

Commentary by Justin Huffman

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