Ronda Rousey Says Cyborg Is Not a Woman: MMA Spotlight

RouseyRonda Rousey stays in the headlines even though the UFC is holding two events this week and the rest of the MMA world is as busy as ever. While the action is intense inside the cage, there is intrigue outside of it as well, as UFC women’s bantamweight champ, Ronda Rousey, AKA the “new Chuck Liddell”, has more smack talk for the person who many people think is her strongest challenger, Christiane “Cyborg” Justino, saying she is not a woman.

The “new Chuck Liddell” moniker was coined by UFC President, Dana White, and originates from Rousey’s passion to fight anyone at any time just like the former light heavyweight champ and legend, Liddell. In an interview, Rousey reinforced that passion by saying she will fight Cyborg anytime, but she is worried about the rest of the ladies in her division. Seriously.

The situation boils down to Cyborg testing positive for steroids after a fight back in 2011 against Hiroko Yamanaka. Rousey said she does not care what Cyborg is on, she will take her on. The Champ then described a scenario in which she would beat Cyborg and then retire immediately after the fight so she could become a star in action movies. Then the women’s bantamweight division would be left in ruins because she would be gone and Cyborg would be left to beat up everyone else unchecked. Rousey then went a step further on Cyborg’s steroid past, saying, “She’s not even a woman anymore.” For the record, Rousey did not describe a possible scenario in which Cyborg knocked her out cold.

So, Rousey wants to fight Cyborg, even if she is not a woman, according to the champ, but she really does not and she is pretty talkative about retiring and her forthcoming career as a movie star. It makes one wonder just how much she cares about the division after she leaves, if she is making noise about her pending retirement and a career outside the cage at age 27.

Another of the sport’s movie stars, women’s MMA legend, Gina Carano, had a meeting with White this week and it seems he is confident she wants to fight, that is if she can make weight at 135lbs.  Rousey says she would be honored to fight Carano and called her “an example of what real respect and honor is in the cage.” Carano has not fought in five years, and in her last bout, she was destroyed by Cyborg, who won the Strikeforce featherweight title as a result. After Carano got smashed, she left competition and focused on making movies. Could that happen to Rousey too? Rousey is a much better fighter than Carano, but what an achievement it would be for Cyborg to retire the two most popular woman fighters in the world.

The war of words will continue, and it is all the better that it does, as it seems Cyborg and Rousey are on a collision course and it is just a matter of time before the two meet. Considering the “new Chuck Liddell” is so passionate about competition, Rousey’s career would seemingly be incomplete without stepping into the cage with Cyborg, hopefully with the women’s bantamweight title on the line.

Opinion By Matt Stinson



3 Responses to "Ronda Rousey Says Cyborg Is Not a Woman: MMA Spotlight"

  1. justin   April 20, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    Bob. Always the real question is how real are you.
    Correct. If you leave a sport. You don’t have an opinion.
    Emotion is a weakness. And who cares. One must stand for roll call
    Orale pues amigo. Via con dios.

  2. Bob Voss   April 20, 2014 at 8:32 am

    ….oh wait! This guy didn’t get an interview with Rousey. This is just his opinion based on his interpretation of an interview done by a professional journalist. My bad!

  3. Bob Voss   April 20, 2014 at 6:51 am

    What a waste of time that article was…. wish I had those minutes back. Rousey should only do interviews with professional journalists. Move on folks, nothing new here.

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