American Idol Why Winning Is Not Important

American Idol

Many know there is a whole long process and American Idol is looking for more than just a singer, which is why it really is not important if you win. This show is a reality show on top of being a sing contest. It is about 90 percent personality and 10 percent actual talent. If they do not like the look of the contestant most likely they will not be making it through to the next round. If perhaps the judges or producers do not feel that their personality is shining through then they are out. Once the competitor gets out to Hollywood they are looking for that personality to shine even more. They want their contestants to stand out to their audience. Being shy and meek just won’t do it in this round. One example of why winning is not important is season 5 of American Idol. Taylor Hicks was the winner, but didn’t really soar after the season finale. However, Chris Daughtry who placed fourth has had two platinum albums. He is considered one of the top contestants only falling short of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood in sales after American Idol. When a contestant loses they usually have more freedom on what they perform.

When a contestant wins American Idol not only do they have to do the top 10 tour, but they also have to appear in certain commercials, sing what is required, and make celebrity appearances as well. It has been proven time and time again, just because the fans love the contestant as a reality star does not necessarily mean they will enjoy that artists music. Reuben Studdard is a perfect example, he won the competition but never really went anywhere with it.  Whereas, Clay Aiken did not win, but he had a better reception once his first album was released. In the music industry do not forget it is all about who you know. Whether, by a stroke of good luck or because you have been friends for a while, it helps to know someone in the industry. It helped boost Kelly Clarkson’s career because her first real hit Miss Independent was penned with Christina Aguilera. Kelly Pickler was another non winner who ended up making it big in the country scene. People didn’t take well to her dumb country girl attitude and voted her out. She is now one of the top country artists of today.

Jessica Sanchez may not have won against Phillip Phillips, but for only fifteen years old she has done surprisingly well. Which proves winning is not really the important factor on American Idol. The point is even, getting on American Idol in the first place. A majority of the time the winner is not very successful with a handful of exceptions. So time and time again it has been proven just because a contestant has a great personality and a stellar voice does not mean they will be successful. It means a contestant on American Idol has to have everything like a stellar voice, a great personality, and the right music to make it big.

Opinion by Heather Tillman


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