Disney ‘Frozen’ to Become a Stage Show?

DisneyDisney made major headlines with its new epic Frozen, and the creators are already supposedly in talks for it to become a stage show. It has already won two Academy Awards, and a sequel was expected off the success. However, there are no talks yet surrounding that idea. The creators can only work on one idea at a time, after all.

The movie had knocked Toy Story 3 off the top-spot of highest-grossing animated film of all time, after reaching $1.072 billion worldwide. It hit number one as soon as it came out in the United States and United Kingdom, and remained in the top 10 until February 2014. That is an amazing feat for many movies, especially animated Disney movies.

Since the release of Frozen in November 2013, there have been a few videos that have helped to keep it at the top. Two of those were people lip-synching while driving, with the most recent from two male Navy baseball players having fun while on a drive. There have also been videos created to show how it all should have really begun to prevent the whole movie ever needing to happen.

It has been so popular, that the creators wanted to do something a little different to normal. Instead of yet another sequel, they decided Disney’s Frozen should become a stage show. The Shrek franchise did something similar after seeing the success from the three blockbuster movies and Christmas specials.

A number of other hot movies from the movie giant have been turned into stage shows over the year. The Lion King is just one of those that remains popular all over the world.

Considering the number of Disney sequels out there, it does beg the question why it is not happening (yet) with Frozen. Now would be the perfect time for the creators to start discussion a sequel, considering just how popular the movie has proven to be. According to Alan Horn, the chairman for the company, there are too many movies in the line right now. Star Wars: Episode 7 and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 are just two that are on the list for movies to create.

There are no talks about whether the Broadway version of Frozen will be a stage version of the movie, or take on a different storyline. There are chances that it could show the aftermath of the events of the first movie. Most of the time stage shows are stage creations of the original, so that is likely to be expected.

Now the question is why a musical stage show seems like the best course of action. According to Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, the directors of the movie, it has been the soundtrack that has pulled in most of the viewers. That definitely seems the case considering the number of viral videos using the music from the show. The movie was also written around the main track Let It Go.

Fans of the movie may be a little disappointed at the idea of no sequel. However, children and adults alike may be happy to hear that there are plans to make Disney’s Frozen a stage show.

By Alexandria Ingham


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One Response to "Disney ‘Frozen’ to Become a Stage Show?"

  1. Andrew Chu   April 24, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    Frozen does a billion dollars and Disney not even talking a sequel?
    I thought they already did it,maybe just not let us know yet!
    I mean…
    How great benefit behind Frozen,how many people want frozen2 and Disney not even talking a sequel?? Come on!
    I’m sure Disney will make a sequel!
    It just about time!!

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