Drinking Age in the US

Drinking in the USDrinking alcohol– is it healthy or is it legal? At what age should the person be allowed to drink alcohol? Should it be 18 or 21? Should teenagers be allowed to drink? What are the risks? To what extent should a person be free to decide when to drink? These are some questions that are frequently asked in many countries including the United States where this issue has been one of the most common issues for the past few years. In the States, and in many other countries, numerous debates have been taking place in favor or against lowering the age of drinking. Many people have been demanding lowering the age to 18. Currently drinking in the United States is allowed for people who reach 21. Several studies have indicated that having drinks at eighteen years old does not cause any health issues. This approach has been supported by many governmental, social and health authorities.

In the United States, it is legal for a person to vote at the age of eighteen. Voting for the country’s government is a very sensitive and important task. The vote of any person is very significant and one vote could have a huge impact on the country. Voting for the government elections requires a lot of tolerance and courage from that person. If an eighteen years old person has the right to vote and is wise enough to make an important choice, then having a drink should not be a major problem.

In addition to being able to vote at the age of eighteen in the United States, joining the country’s military is acceptable at the age of eighteen. Having the opportunity to serve and defend the country means that the person is worth of trust and confidence. If eighteen-year-olds can be trusted to serve and protect the country, can’t they be trusted to drink in a reasonable way without endangering their lives or the lives of others? If eighteen-year-olds are willing to face danger and challenges and to take a bullet for the love of the country, can’t they be trusted to drink in a reasonable way? Just holding a deadly weapon at the age of eighteen and knowing when to use it strongly proves that this person is ready to take life challenges and to act in a responsible manner.

Another right that eighteen-year-olds enjoy in the United States is the ability to sue in court.  They are considered adults who can also be sued in court if they commit a crime or a wrong act. There are many privileges to people when they reach eighteen. They can use deadly weapons to hunt wildlife, join the air force, and fly airplanes.

It is well known that many kids under the age of twenty one have the curiosity for trying something that is forbidden. Many teenagers would want to try alcohol because they want to see and experience what is the thing that they should not get exposed to. It is amazing how many things are legal for people when they reach eighteen. They can adopt children, get married, experience sexual adulthood, and even have abortions.

Scientific researchers have proven that the body of an eighteen-year-old is ready enough to accept one glass of alcohol per day. For females, case studies have shown that one glass of any kind of alcohol per day, or seven glasses a week, will not negatively affect the female human body. As for males, the researchers have proven that two glasses of any kind of a drink per day, or fourteen glasses a week, will not negatively affect the male human body. Having a glass of wine a day will not make an eighteen years old person suffer from any kind of a disease or a sickness. If the person is considered mature enough at the age of eighteen, then we should not have a problem to allow people to start drinking at that age.

Opinion By Georgina Abboud





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